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Is Your Church Worship More Pagan than Christian?

There is a great misunderstanding in churches of the purpose of music in Christian worship. Churches routinely advertise their “life-changing” or “dynamic” worship that will “bring you closer to God” or “change your life.” Certain worship CD’s promise that the music will “enable you to enter the presence of God.”

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After Rick Warren is finished speaking on health and wellness with the Clintons and Barabara Streisand, he is heading to Canada. On Friday, January 17th, 2014, Rick Warren and Dr. Mark Hymen will be guests on the 100 Huntley Street program.

The Daniel Plan on 100 Huntley Street January 2014


Question: Why are you and other “discernment” writers so critical of Rick Warren and his new Daniel Plan?
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Hypnotist Paul McKenna was recently a guest on Dr. Oz’s show where he led the audience through a guided meditation to help them lose weight. Step one, instructed McKenna, was to make yourself comfortable. During this process, which he stressed is like a guided visualization process where they would not lose control, they were to relax deeply and feel comfortable. As they relaxed, the cooperative guinea pig guests in the audience were then told to make a movie of themselves eating slowly in their minds. Then they were told to float over and into themselves and see through the eyes of their more in control self, and use their unconscious mind to find new ways of not over eating in the future. Finally, they were told how to see through the eyes of their inner selves to get a nice boost of self esteem before they opened their eyes by seeing themselves through another person’s eyes. To do this, they were instructed to “float out of yourself and into them, and see yourself through their eyes.” When they opened their eyes they would be reinforced at the unconscious level about every positive thing about them.

The following description for this show on Dr. Oz’s website contains a very fitting question that should cause any Christian alarm, especially those who have submitted themselves to Saddleback’s “Daniel Plan.”

Hypnosis for Weightloss Part 4
Can hypnosis help you unlock the demons that cause you to overeat? Watch a live hypnosis performed to help you lose weight. All you need is a willing mind to participate.

All you need is a willing mind to participate in unlocking the demons? In a recent article regarding this very concerning possibility, Caryl Matrisciana writes:

One wonders if any of Rick Warren’s Saddleback congregation are unknowingly part of Dr.Oz’s plan to mass hypnotise America? With the lure of free workouts, free food tracking and more, Dr. Oz is seductively enticing those who desire weight loss to interact in his hypnosis project. Hypnosis, he admits “has fascinated” him “for most of my adult life”. He explains its “all about freeing you to do what you want to do”. This is exactly the promise of Satan, “do as thou wilt” as popularised by Satanist Aleister Crowley and the core teaching of Tantra Yoga – the darkest spiritual discipline of Eastern Mysticism- which encourages the “deprogramming” and “reprogramming” of the practitioner to accept personal desire “as the prime motivating force”. It teaches that, http://www.sanatansociety.org/yoga_and_meditation/tantra_yoga.htm“Our sense organs serve as windows through which desires enter. Eastern Meditation is a spiritual discipline designed to open “sense organs” known as “chakras” (psychic centres) to allow intrusion by outside forces, understood in Hinduism to be “power”, “energy”, “healing”, “deities”, “divinity”, etc., to take over. The Bible forbids us to give over our heart, or mind, or spirit, to any other but to love the Lord our God with all our faculties (Deut.6:5) and that the “carnal mind is at enmity against God” (Rom.8:7).

I wonder how many of the 600,000 in Dr. Oz’s program espouse to being Christians, and how many of those consider themselves to be Born-Again Christians as Jesus required for a fruitful life in Him? (John 3:3-7) I wonder how many of the naive who signed up in their desire to loose weight understand they are being introduced to yoke with dangerous spiritual possession?




Does Oz’s road lead to Rohr?

Does Oz’s Road lead to Wilber and Huxley?

Does Oz’s Road Lead to Heaven?

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Rick Warren’s “Daniel Plan” Doctor Oz Will Lead Mass Hypnosis on TV

Christian Research Network has posted a video clip where Rick Warren’s Dr. OZ is announcing that on Monday he and a fellow doctor are going to ”hypnotize America.” Click here to watch this video.

If you haven’t kept up on what is currently happening at Saddleback Church with Rick Warren, please read the following articles where it documents that Rick Warren is using New Age promoting doctors to get his congregation healthy. Meditation is one of the techniques that these doctors advocate.

If you think that this is just about Saddleback Church and has nothing to do with you or your church or your grown children’s churches, please think twice about that. The repercussions of what is happening right now at Saddleback could be astronomical, and yet … once again, there is absolute silence (no pun intended) from Christian leaders.



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