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~ Revelation 22 ~

I. The river of paradise. The earthly paradise was well watered: no place can be pleasant or fruitful that is not so. This river is described,

1. By its fountain-head-the throne of God and the Lamb. All our springs of grace, comfort, and glory, are in God; and all our streams from him are through the mediation of the Lamb.

2. By its quality-pure and clear as crystal. All the streams of earthly comfort are muddy; but these are clear, salutary, and refreshing, giving life, and preserving life, to those who drink of them.

-Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible


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Fountains yield pure and unmixed water. Streams are sometimes, muddy, they may be defiled; but Fountain-water is clear, fair, and without filth.


The water in this spiritual Fountain, Christ, is pure, clear as crystal; there is no mud, nor the least mixture of any defilement in it, Revelation 22:1-2. Men have endeavoured to foul and pollute the doctrine of Christ, and his ordinances, which flowed from him; but truth in itself, in the Fountain, is still the same, and cannot be corrupted.

~from Christ – A Fountain

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Sometimes well meaning Christians think they are drinking from well springs of life when in fact they are drinking from a dangerous blend of contaminated water from different streams. What’s even worse is when they bottle this water, label it as pure spring water, and sell it to others to drink. One such example is a Canadian author named Brad Jersak who has rebottled the spirituality he has drawn from and calls it Listening Prayer. He may have been correct when he first noticed that this spirituality looked ‘different.’ However, he mistakenly looked deeper and soon began to believe that this was a well tested source. A closer look at this source reveals it is not based on the Living Water (Jesus), but on a dangerous form of mysticism drawn from the muddy streams of contemplative spirituality that is causing many Christians to drift off course. Note the progression from truth to error…

“I grew up with a solid evangelical foundation in scripture [in the Baptist church in Manitoba], then adopted some of the renewal flavour of the Vineyard and the social-justice of the Mennonites throughout the 90s,” he says. (He was youth pastor at Bethel Mennonite Church in Aldergrove for nearly 10 years.)

“As I looked for deeper spiritual wells, I found that the contemplative tradition offered a stable and well-tested source for my spiritual journey. Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross (and others) became a wellspring for both my charismatic experience and my justice concerns. They became my mentors, bridging easily what had initially looked like very different streams.

-Eclectic Theology Comes Together In “Listening Prayer”
By Angelika Dawson
May 5, 2003
Volume 7, Number 9
Canadian Mennonite

Unfortunately, Jersak’s journey has led to the publication and marketing of teachings that appear to be having an effect on Christians who have now become involved in something called Listening Prayer.

For a look at these teachings, read an interesting book review of Brad Jersak’s book on Listening Prayer, here:

Listening Prayer Notes – August 2008
Book Review: ‘ Can you hear me?’ – Tuning in to the God who speaks – Brad Jersak, 2003


Here is the first paragraph of this review:

Brad Jersak covers a lot of ground in 275 pages on the subject of ‘listening prayer’ for the individual and also gives other applications for listening prayer: for the local church, with children, outreach, mercy & justice and inner healing. As I read the book I realised that listening prayer has much in common with contemplative prayer and in fact many of the quotes and examples are from mystical, Roman Catholic sources. I found it interesting that Brad constantly goes out of his way to quote scripture and give warnings about deception before venturing into mystical territory where deception is all too possible. (…)

[*Please continue reading the rest of this insightful and informative book review by clicking on the above link.]

As you can see, the source of water this one author drank from led to a great delusion, one which many others are entering into as they too drink from these different streams.

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Who are the Jubus, Bujus, UUbus, and Ebus? People of mixed religions who believe there is more than one path to salvation.

The Denver Post, 08/09/2009:

What in the recent past seemed exotic and foreign is now almost routinely folded into “the fold.” Buddhism is not only accepted as a mainstream American religion, it is a path increasingly trod by faithful Christians and Jews who infuse Eastern spiritual insights and practices such as meditation into their own religions….

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How about this muddy quote?

“Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams — they all have different names, but they all contain water. Just as religions do — they all contain truths.”

Obama’s Ramadan Dinner Remarks

How about this to clear the mud?

All religions really do lead to God

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