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Brian McLaren is making inroads with his unbiblical Gospel in many places, including the Seventh day Adventists. Read about it here:

Brian McLaren addresses SDA conference

Also about this event:

Healing the Gospel or Changing it?


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Oprah Winfrey, unofficial spokesman for New Age Movement’s alternative spirituality[1], has listed Rob Bell’s new book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God, on “Oprah’s Super Soulful Book of the Month” club. Oprah says that Bell is “shaking up the way we think about God and religion.”

“When I first started reading it, I was highlighting my favorite passages, but then I realized — what’s the point? I’ve marked every page! It just wowed me. In the book, Bell explains that God is and always has been with us, for us, and ahead of us — and then explores how we can really absorb this knowledge into our everyday lives to become more connected to spirit.”

Rob Bell Speaks With Oprah Winfrey on ‘Super Soul Sunday’

Bell is only one of many spiritual teachers to to be on Oprah’s guru list which in the past has included Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Shirley Maclaine, Eckhart Tolle, Rhonda Byrne and Elizabeth Gilber.

“They are from the world; therefore they speak as from the world, and the world listens to them… By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.” 1 John 4:6,7


1] pt.1 The Universe According to Oprah


Emergent Monday: Rob Bell Wants You to Roast in Hell

Rob Bell Delves Further Into Heresy, Leads Undiscerning Pastors By The Nose

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