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Is Your Church Worship More Pagan than Christian?

There is a great misunderstanding in churches of the purpose of music in Christian worship. Churches routinely advertise their “life-changing” or “dynamic” worship that will “bring you closer to God” or “change your life.” Certain worship CD’s promise that the music will “enable you to enter the presence of God.”

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A blogger at The Last Hiker has done some research and found a few unsettling facts about the beliefs of one of the producers of last year’s television event called “The Bible Series” and the new “Son of God” movie. Anyone assuming that Jesus Christ will be accurately portrayed in this new movie needs to consider that producer Roma Downey has been on television with psychic Jonathan Edwards talking to her deceased mother, partnered with him in a book he wrote, and listens to books on tape by new ager Eckart Tolle.

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The “Son of God” Movie Is NOT What We Think–Do You Know The Voice of Your Master

Even so, America’s favourite pastor Rick Warren has partnered with LifeWay Christian Resources to put together a “Son of God” movie Bible study[1] and is buying out entire theatres to show this film, saying, “I want every other faith leader in America to do the same. Whether you can buy out a whole theater, or just one screen, now is the time to show up.”[2] These other ‘faith leaders’ include T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Pat Robertson, Bill Hybels, Leith Anderson, Erwin McManus, Paula White, Christine Caine, George Wood, Crai Groeshel and some Roman Catholic cardinals and archbishops.[3]

Be careful whose voice calls you to cross the faith bridge to see the new Son of God. They may be leading you to another Jesus.


[1] http://www.baptiststandard.com/news/baptist/16135-baptist-briefs-son-of-god-film-study-materials
[2] http://rickwarrenquotes.blogspot.ca/2014/02/son-of-god-movie-and-rick-warren.html
[3] http://standupforthetruth.com/2014/02/religious-leaders-stripes-endorse-son-god-movie/


A Word of Caution: Ecumenical-Backed Movie, “Son of God,” May Send Subtle New Age/Roman Catholic Messages




Letter to the Editor: “Awakening America Alliance” Brings SBC President Ronnie Floyd Together with New Age Roma Downey

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And the Lord said to me: “The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I did not send them, nor did I command them or speak to them. They are prophesying to you a lying vision, worthless divination, and the deceit of their own minds.” (Jeremiah 14:14)

Leaven Continues To Spread

Due to increasing syncretism it’s now become increasingly difficult to cover the various strains of unbiblical teaching now slithering their way into the church visible, and which, are quickly blending together in ways we’d previously not even have imagined.

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From Worldview Weekend Radio:

Glenn Beck’s Black Robe Regiment, The New Apostolic Reformation, Neo-evangelicalism and Dominion Theology. One of the leaders of Glenn Beck’s Black Robe Regiment is Pastor Tom Mullins of Christ Fellowship in West Palm Beach. What can we learn about Mullins and his associates that will help us understand his worldview. Mullins’ teaching pastor at his church is John Maxwell who has filled the pulpit for Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral. C. Peter Wagner of the New Apostolic Reformation, Rick Warren, and John Maxwell have produced an audio book entitled “The Purposeful Church”. Wagner of the NAR has also endorsed Maxwell’s Equip organization. Numerous researchers report that Maxwell has served on the board of “Lead Like Jesus” for Ken Blanchard along with Rick Warren, Bob Buford and Bill Hybels. Blanchard apparently was appointed by Rick Warren to assist him with his global PEACE plan. Maxwell’s book “Thinking for a Change” has been endorsed by Ken Blanchard and Maxell has written the forward to Blanchard’s book “The Secret”. Mullins is also listed as a board member on Maxwell’s Equip website. Blanchard’s endorsement is on the Back Cover of Deepak Chopra’s 7 Spiritual Laws of Success. Is Beck using neo-evangelicals and are neo-evangelicals using Beck. Are they all using each other to further their individual brands of dominion theology and neo-evangelicalism?

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Hush! Whispers at Willow Creek

A Review of Bill Hybels’ Book, The Power of a Whisper

By Pastor Larry DeBruyn

Bill Hybels, The Power of a Whisper: Hearing God, Having the Guts to Respond (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2010) 260 pages, appendixes, notes. The back cover dust jacket bears the following promo: Learn to Hear from Heaven as You Navigate Life on Earth.

“How sweet are thy words unto my taste!
yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!
Through thy precepts I get understanding:
therefore I hate every false way.”
Psalm 119:103-104, KJV

Sixteen years ago a psychologist noted our culture’s shift to mystical spirituality, a shift which involved people hearing “a distinct ‘inner voice’,” a voice that from time to time gives “the listener advice and counsel.”[1] Perhaps the Christian shibboleth, “The Lord told me . . .,” evidences the shift. But amazingly, what characterized the mysticism of the New Age/New Consciousness movement fifteen years ago is now emerging amongst mainstream evangelicals. In their attempt to keep in step with the culture and in the process becoming culturized (Contra Romans 12:2; 1 John 2:15-17.), this phenomenon of hearing God speak in a personal way has become quite chic in evangelical Christendom.[2]

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Flip clearly does not like this post, and has directed a comment ‘to all the know nothings out there,’ whoever they may be:

“TO ALL THE KNOW NOTHINGS OUT THERE, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. I KNOW THE GOSPEL MESSAGE AND IT IS PRESENTED CLEARLY AT Willow Creek. Always….not sometimes….always. We are sin stained and can do nothing to redeem ourselves. I am a sinner in need of The Savior, Jesus Christ. I have accepted Christ and most importantly, repented of my sin. Willow Creek does not waiver nor are they unclear about the ceNtrality of the Bible, the Trinity and every other Chrtistian principle. I grew as a follow of Christ at Willow for thriteen years. Again to all that think Willow teaches another Gospel, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.”

Flip, you are right, we have all sinned, and all need a Savior. And we are glad that you have been growing as a follower of Christ, but do you realize this is in spite of Willow Creek, not because of it? Any glory for believing and growing in Christ must always and only be given to Him, not man, or any organization of man. Anything else is not of the Holy Spirit, as the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit always points to, and speaks of, Jesus Christ. It is only Jesus, through the power of His Spirit, who has saved you, and teaches you. Without this power you would be blind and lost. Because He has saved you, you now belong to His church, the bride of Christ – not Willow Creek, or any denomination, but your name is now written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Rejoice!

So God, in His grace and mercy, has used an imperfect instrument like Willow Creek to change your life. It wouldn’t be the first time He has used unconventional methods. Don’t you know He can use any means to open your eyes and bring you to Him? He even used a donkey once. There may be some good teaching at Willow Creek, but there is just as much false teaching within their man centered gospel, if you will take the time to search with an open mind – there is much documented research available for all who seek the truth.

May you continue to grow in the Lord, and may He grant you the gift of discernment, so that you may clearly recognize compromise and false teaching, for His Name’s sake. Amen.

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“Now I don’t agree with everything in everybody’s denomination, including my own. I don’t agree with everything that Catholics do or Pentecostals do, but what binds us together is so much stronger than what divides us,” he said. “I really do feel that these people are brothers and sisters in God’s family. I am looking to build bridges with the Orthodox Church, looking to build bridges with the Catholic Church,….”
-Rick Warren


Pastor urges Anglicans to unite and care for poor


Tell Catholics the Truth

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