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The true Cornerstone has obviously been removed from this festival…


My Cornerstone Experience*

By a “concerned Christian” Posted July 7, 2010

It is easy to cross the line from judging what is being taught to judging those doing the teaching. I am sharing my Cornerstone experience with you with a cautious heart and much trembling.

The Cornerstone Festival began twenty-seven years ago under the umbrella of Jesus People USA, a Christian community based in Chicago, Illinois.[1] This weeklong event takes place in a rural setting in the heart of Illinois. The Festival is known for its many stages where dozens of bands share time from dawn until well after dusk. It typically draws ten to fifteen thousand young people – many of which set up campsites.

I embarked on the journey after hearing stories – some good, but mostly bad. I purchased my ticket and organized my itinerary from the official Cornerstone website. The bands for this huge event were a strange assortment of artists from Screamo to Acoustic. Most notably were bands with names like Rodent Emporium, Sexually Frustrated, and Impending Doom… and a creepily-masked group called Grave Robber[2] who looked like they came off an episode of “Tales from the Crypt.” However, the most interesting part of the Festival were the seminars that were being offered.

Not knowing what to expect the first day, I arrived at the Festival enjoying the beautiful weather and pretty scenery. The attendees were already milling around. After parking in a distant pasture and walking to the Festival site, I was pleasantly surprised to find a used book tent to browse.

During the next four days I attended 17 hour-long seminars on 9 topics under tents in a pasture with busy sounding activity going on all around. Water trucks kept the dust under control and flatbeds were taking care of full garbage cans. Bands performed nonstop in the near distance – including AC/DC’s “Back in Black” blaring from a car radio.

It was impossible to attend every seminar, but there seemed to be some common themes among most of the seminars I attended. These were: social justice, poverty, monastic wisdom, environmentalism, philosophy, evolution, and Bono. I quickly learned that terms such as “Fundamentalist,” “Evangelical,” and “those King James people,” were spat out with bitter animosity. I was also quickly learning that: (1) Protestants and Catholics aren’t all that different because we can all agree on the Nicene Creed; (2) the Desert Fathers should be held in high regard; and (3) that getting people to be productive in their community seemed much more important than the condition of their eternal souls. On one occasion the following question was asked by a college professor who wanted to prove that we evolved: “How can we come to peace with having an ancestry of apes?”

There were two specific speakers that were of the greatest concern.

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The enemy knows that if the emerging new spirituality doesn’t destroy the church, the re-imagining of God’s Word and replacing it with a lie will.

An upcoming pastors conference this May 4-7, 2010 at Regent College in Vancouver, B.C. will include a workshop that may encourage Christian pastors to compromise and devalue God’s inerrant Word by teaching them how to introduce the theory of evolution into their churches. The theme for Pastors’ Conference 2010 is Wonder and Devotion: Bringing Science and Faith Together for the Church.

Workshops include:

Paul Teel: Gradual Change: Introducing Evolution to the Church

Too often, Christians receive the message that they must choose between science (especially evolution) and the Bible. This workshop will look at ways to gently remove this false choice from the church—and will include a consideration of those in their high school years.


This is a common but troubling trend we are seeing within post-modern Christianity.

As the late Dr. Henry Morris said…

“…it is impossible to devise a legitimate means of harmonizing the Bible with evolution. We must conclude, therefore, that if the Bible is really the Word of God (as its writers allege and as we believe) then evolution and its geological age-system must be completely false. Since the Bible cannot be reinterpreted to correlate with evolution, Christians must diligently proceed to correlate the facts of science so with the Bible.”

Henry Morris, Ph.D. , Evolution and the Bible

Why introduce a theory into the church that opposes what God’s Word already tells us about the way it all happened in the beginning?


Evolution vs Creation : # 7 Earth Millions of years old?


*Also note:

“Teel says that while Genesis takes an approach to nature that is more scientific than competing creation stories, it is not a treatise on natural science; its purpose is theological.

He tells his students at PCS that Christianity is fully compatible with the view that evolution is the best available explanation for the development of life on earth.”

Battling caricatures in science debate

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Evolution Professor Receives Spirituality Award

Prof. Francisco Ayala receives 2010 Templeton Prize

This year’s $1.5 million Templeton Prize has gone to Francisco Ayala, an ordained Catholic priest and professor of evolutionary biology.

Ayala, 76, is widely known for defending the compatibility of Christianity and evolution. Originally ordained as a Catholic priest, Ayala left his native Spain in the early 1960s to study biology at New York’s Columbia University. He currently serves, among other roles, as professor of biological sciences, ecology, and evolutionary biology at the University of California–Irvine.

The Templeton Prize, founded by the late Sir John Templeton and currently valued at £1,000,000 (approximately $1.5 million), is awarded annually to “a living person who has made an exceptional contribution to affirming life’s spiritual dimension, whether through insight, discovery, or practical works.” Among the previous winners of the prize are Mother Teresa (1973), Billy Graham (1982), Chuck Colson (1993), and the late evangelist Bill Bright (1996). We have profiled several honorees, including Bernard d’Espagnat (2009) and Michael Heller (2008).

As primary author of the National Academy of Science’s anti-creation manifesto Science, Evolution, and Creationism, Ayala has been at the forefront of the creation–evolution controversy and the battle over public school science education. The Los Angeles Times reported that upon accepting the award, Ayala said he had been recognized for “making people accept science, and making people accept evolution in particular.” Consider these further representations of Ayala’s views from various interviews:

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