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“Joel Osteen’s wishy-washy non-views are actually becoming an evangelical norm…”

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Joel Osteen Welcomes Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry to Lakewood Church (VIDEO)

***NEW: May 12, 2015
Letter to the Editor: Oprah Winfrey Becomes Stanford University’s “Office of Religious Life’s 2015 Rathburn Visiting Fellow”


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Mormons are Christians, says Osteen
November 25, 2011

Texas mega-church pastor Joel Osteen says he believes Mormons are Christians.

The statement came yesterday in Washington in response to a reporter’s questions about politics. Osteen said he likes Texas Governor Rick Perry and prays for his candidacy in the GOP presidential candidate race. But Osteen said he also disagreed with a fellow Texas pastor — Robert Jeffress — who recently stated that Perry’s political opponent, Mitt Romney, was “not a Christian” because he is a Mormon, and that Mormonism is a “cult.”

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Why does the Emergent Church use so much mystical paraphernalia in their worship?

Contemplative Spirituality

Dr. Reagan: One of the words that I hear over and over from the Emergent Church leaders is the word “contemplative.” They’re really heavy on that.

Let me read you a quote here from one of their leaders. “The fact is that contemplative spirituality will play a huge part in the church of the future, and I want to assure you that candles are just the beginning.”

Caryl Matrisciana: Why? Because we are changing the names. If they said, “Eastern Mysticism is going to play a huge part in the new church,” we wouldn’t buy it. But, when you say “contemplate,” that sounds better. They replace contemplate with meditate, but in Eastern Mysticism the contemplation and meditation is in the snake within you which is the idea that you can become one with everything…

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Christian Duty in a Pagan Culture
John MacArthur

In an increasingly secular and ungodly culture, many Christians wonder about their role and duty. Should we lobby for rights that have traditionally belonged to us? Should we make every effort to implement a Christian agenda? Should we completely reform the government? The Bible speaks clearly about our duty, and it’s all about governingour character.

Over a quarter of a century ago the late apologist and Christian thinker Francis Schaeffer asked the question, “How should we then live?” in his landmark book of the same title. The relevance of that question has not changed. If anything, it has only become more urgent for believers at the dawn of a new century and millennium.

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Interview With A Former Professional Astrologer
Posted by Christine Pack

Former professional astrologer Marcia Montenegro wrote an excellent pamphlet several years ago for the well respected Rose Publishing group. Marcia also recently gave a radio interview discussing the information in this pamphlet which can be listened to here.

This pamphlet is an excellent resource for any Christian to have, given that even many professing Christians today engage in some of the activities listed in the pamphlet….

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Sacred Fire, Smoke & Drums Mark The World Day of Prayer for Peace

Pope Benedict’s Interfaith Outreach

The Wall Street Journal:

In this Umbrian hilltop city 25 years ago, Buddhists chanted to the accompaniment of gongs and drums, Zoroastrians tended a sacred fire, and an American Indian medicine man in traditional headdress smoked a peace pipe and called down the blessings of the “Great Spirit.” In a moment that produced the day’s most famous image, robed leaders of the world’s major religions sat side by side under a sign bearing various translations of the word “peace.”

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