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“…another pathway to mystical meditation is visualization. This is what Carl Jung called “active imagination,” which was a way to “have a direct experience of God as a star or sun within.”[12] Occultists define visualization as not just a method of meditation, but also a psychic way to invoke spiritual presences:

VISUALIZATION A loose term for numerous practices in which mental pictures are called up and used for different purposes: to contact someone telepathically, heal from a distance, achieve a desired state (happiness, peace, courage), attain a desired goal or possession (fame, money, sexual charm). Encompasses many popular practices now in use, though the discipline itself is very ancient and seems to have been developed in almost every culture of the past. May be divided into two classes: CREATIVE VISUALIZATION for the purpose of producing external effects and the use of visual imagery for inner exploration of the processes of the unconscious, as in the Jungian work….[13]”

SOURCE: Altered States: A Different Gate
The sober Christian in a spiritually inebriated age
By Sarah Leslie and Pastor Larry DeBruyn


See also an alternate gate into heaven through ‘Christian’ visualization/meditation:

Visualizing ourselves in the Throne Room of Heaven?


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“…you can’t escape the reality of hell or final judgment in Scripture. It’s a topic taken up by every New Testament writer and it dominates the teaching of Jesus. Of the 12 times the Greek word for hell (Gehenna) is used in the New Testament, 11 come from the lips of Christ. He said the most about hell, so to deny the existence of hell is to deny the teachings of Jesus.

But as you know, false teachers are more subtle than to deny the doctrine outright. They just raise questions, questions like: Is hell really a literal place where unbelievers suffer eternal, conscious punishment, or merely a state of mind? Does hell really last forever, or will God annihilate unbelievers? Is the fate of unbelievers really sealed forever, or will God give them a post-mortem opportunity to believe the gospel—and escape hell?”

For Those Who Rail Against Hell

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David Wilkerson May 19, 1931- April 27, 2011

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Wellness – A Trojan Horse in Health Care

Marcia Montenegro edits the website, Christian Answers for the New Age, and works with Fellowship International Mission in Allentown, PA.

Christine Pack is a Christian researcher on spiritual deception and publisher of the solasisters blog, which contains articles on key spiritual issues and links to other resources.

Both of the guests were involved in the New Age, but left it as they became believers in Jesus Christ.

Healing techniques from pagan religious practice have emerged from being little-known, fringe alternatives into the mainstream of medicine. The term “wellness” does not mean what many assume it means, and the term has become a Trojan Horse leading many into New Age practices.

The guests discuss acupuncture, Kundalini yoga and its “Christian” alternative, Praise Moves, Rolphing, Meditation,Tapping, Reiki, Reflexology, breathwork and other popular wellness practices and techniques.

Listen here:


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Can we go here, now?

Revelation Chapter 4/Living Creatures/Worship/God/Christ/Elder

Can we sit on the lap of Jesus here, now? Or was John’s vision of this place the future inheritance of all believers?

‘Listening Prayer’ advocate Brad Jersak says that we can go here, now, in our imaginations. In a video called Brad Jersak: Can You Hear Me? (found here: http://vimeo.com/14840696?ab), author and teacher Brad Jersak (www.freshwindpress.com) leads a church congregation in a guided visualization exercise (@ 20 minutes). Using John’s vision of the throne room of God (from the book of Revelation), Jersak guides his listeners to step into the scripture passage with all five senses and imagine themselves snuggling into the lap of Jesus on the throne. (Source: Disappointment in the MB Herald)

How is this any different than Todd Bentley’s open highway to heaven? Should we try to visualize ourselves into the throne room, or anywhere, to meet with Jesus? Can a non-Christian guide us in a visualization exercise to meet with Jesus in our imaginations? According to Jersak, the answer is yes. The Bible says: “But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.” Eph. 2:13

Being seated with Christ in the heavenlies is not a feeling or a visualization exercise or a pre-death visit to heaven. It is how God sees us – our spiritual position in Christ, because when we are in Christ, we are made the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5:21), holy and without blame through His finished work on the cross. It’s about the rights that we now have in Him, and the inheritance in His riches, which we did not earn.

Are self-initiated, guided visualization visits to heaven just another occult concept being practiced in the church? Christians beware. It appears that the simplicity and clarity of the gospel is being muddied under the deceptive bridge of experiential Christian mysticism.


Bob Jones, Patricia King & Todd Bentley go to the Third Heaven


Todd Bentley, Bob Jones, and Patricia King Practice Astral Projection

How many heavens are there and what is the third heaven Paul speaks of in 2 Corinthians 12

Was Paul A Mystic? by Pastor Larry DeBruyn
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Visualization (Visualization that is Christianized)

UPDATE 2015:

Brian McLaren has just endorsed Brad Jersak’s latest book called A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel, published by Plain Truth Ministries (www.ptm.org), where Jersak is a senior editor of their CWR blog (Christianity Without Religion). The recommended reading on the Plain Truth Ministries website speaks volumes (www.ptm.org/quad/bookList.htm). Jersak’s book is reviewed and endorsed by Derek Flood, Richard Rohr, William Paul Young, Brian McLaren, Eugene Peterson.
NOTE: Read more about McLaren’s involvment with Derek Flood here:
Healing the Gospel or Changing it?https://mennolite.wordpress.com/2013/05/13/healing-the-gospel-or-changing-it/

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Mixing Paganism with the Passion
By Jan Markell
Olive Tree Ministries

A very special week was hijacked by the environmental movement last week. What is known as Earth Day landed on the same day as Good Friday, so our crucified Lord had to share the spotlight that day. And if you think this was only the typical antics of the religious Left, think again. Evangelicals have now jumped into this arena. The cause of caring for God’s creation is our responsibility, although we cannot “save the planet” as many herald. Should conservative Christians really be making the theological leap that it was significant that both observances were placed on the calendar on the same day?

The Episcopal Church issued a statement last week saying that the two events on the same day had “profound significance.” Additionally, the statement read, “On the day we mark the crucifixion of Christ, let us remember that when Earth is degraded and species go extinct, a part of God’s body experiences a different type of crucifixion and another way of seeing and experiencing God is diminished.”

To read more of this update from Olive Tree Ministries, click HERE.


The UN and One World Worship


A Little Something For Earth Day….the High Holy Day of Paganism

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A Book Review

By Sarah H. Leslie

One day, several years after I co-authored the monograph The Pied Pipers of Purpose,[1] I received a telephone call from Pastor Paul Smith. He was quite fascinated by our factual information about Peter Drucker, the business guru who developed the 3-legged stool paradigm for societal transformation. He told me how Peter Drucker was actively wooing megachurch leaders during the 1980s to persuade them to join up with his giant social experiment. The story of Peter Drucker’s pervasive influence is told in Paul Smith’s new book NEW EVANGELICALISM: The New World Order (Calvary Publishing, 2011). The Foreword is written by Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel, Paul’s brother.

This book is an historical account of the deep compromises of the past several generations of evangelical leaders. These concessions have left the current church in a state of “crisis and confusion.” Pastor Paul traces “the seminal seeds that corrupted not only the major denominational churches, but specifically the conservative believing folks in these churches” (Introduction). This is a book about the history of the postmodern movement within evangelicaldom, and especially the role that Fuller Theological Seminary and Peter Drucker played in shaping the leaders that would guide the Emerging (Emergent) Church Movement.

More here:


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