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Dr. Oz and Deepak Chopra: Meditate to Lose Weight


In the video below, Dr. Oz, the new weight-loss mentor for thousands of Christians through Rick Warren’s new Daniel Plan, talks to New Ager Deepak Chopra about meditating to lose weight. What they don’t tell you in this video is that eastern-style meditation can put participants into contact with demonic spirits. The Bible warns against such harmful practices. Yet, Dr. Oz, also a Reiki advocate, is taking his spiritual “insights” to Rick Warren’s followers. Note: After you have watched this video, please consider spending a few minutes reading the Word of God and praying for those who are attending Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan.

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Even though we saw the signs, we are stunned to observe what is unfolding. After reading the following first hand account, we now realize that the water beneath the purpose driven bridge has become clearly muddier and far more toxic than any of us imagined. The pied piper is quickly leading his sick and thirsty sheep to take a drink at the Saddleback swamp, right beneath the Agenda 21 Global Village sign.

A Visit to Rick Warren’s Health Seminar – The Unfolding of a Global New Age Plan

“Saturday Jan. 15th, 2011 will go down in the history books as the day Saddleback Church was sold a bill of goods. The masses had come out in droves for answers to their weight loss difficulties & health problems, but unbeknownst to them, they were being given a prescription for restructuring society & population control . . . ‘Saddleback community’ would be an example of “sustainable living” and would set the course to “change this world” … and the crowd went wild!”

by JenPek
Used with permission
Ponderings from Patmos

I first arrived to Saddleback’s campus only to be told that “all parking lots were full.” I drove across the street to see if there were any spots available in the business lots, and they were full too. I ended up parking in a housing tract and walked a mile or two back to Saddleback’s campus. As I arrived, I overheard a parking lot attendant say they estimated about 6,000 people had come to the seminar.

I was a little late, so I was grateful to my nephew who went online and began to relay what was being said in the opening comments, as I didn’t want to miss what was to be the foundation of the talks that day. I was a little taken aback when my nephew told me the first speaker, Dr. Amen, made reference to the Egyptian pyramids and how they were built upon an “idea,” and if man could build something like that all those thousands of years ago, what could he do today if he put his mind to it? I found that to be somewhat disturbing, as the pyramids, no matter how impressive they were, represent the ancient pagan religions which got their start in Babylon when Nimrod gathered men (the community) together to commit idolatry by building a tower to honor themselves as gods (Gen. Ch. 11). [1] And yet here it was, the analogy that was chosen to illustrate this new “idea” Saddleback would launch their 52 week program with. No matter what Dr. Amen’s intent was, I believe the analogy was appropriate, and the subtle message is telling…”MAN CAN DO ANYTHING HE PUTS HIS MIND TO.” Sound familiar? (Read Gen. 3:4-5). [2]

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The time has come to draw a line in the mud. Will you follow the New Age Purpose Driven plan, or Jesus Christ?

{For those who have ears to hear…Jeremiah 23}


Joyce Morrison

Rick Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. Plan & the UN Millennium Goals

NOTE: Watch the Daniel Plan kick-off event here:

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The following posts are a compilation of articles on the topic of mind reading technology from Moriel Ministries Be Alert blog.

An Un-holy spirit: Has AO (Artificial Omniscience) arrived – Mind Reading Part 1

An Un-holy spirit: Has AO (Artificial Omniscience) arrived – Mind Reading Part 2

An Un-holy spirit: Has AO (Artificial Omniscience) arrived – Mind Reading Part 3

An Un-holy spirit: Has AO (Artificial Omniscience) arrived – Mind Reading Part 4

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U.S. Gov. Spent $410,624 on Project to Teach Chinese Meditation to Cocaine Addicts

(CNSNews.com) – The U.S. government has spent $410,625 to study the effects of teaching Chinese meditation to cocaine addicts.

“Our clinical experience and pilot studies suggest that Integrative Meditation (IM) from Chinese medicine may help clients engage in treatment, reduce cravings/withdrawal symptoms, and increase treatment retention, which appear missed by a typical behavior therapy,” says the official description of the project published by the National Institutes of Health.

“IM is an adaptation or simplified form of mindfulness meditation,” says the description. “It may enhance existing therapies to help reduce withdrawal symptoms, increase treatment engagement, and prevent relapse through step-by-step therapist facilitation.”

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Mysticism & Medicine: A Dangerous Prescription

By Jan Markell
January 13, 2010

The East has convinced the West that the greatest thing they have to offer is Eastern-style meditation. Because some Christians lack discernment, what we have is the complete hijacking of biblical meditation in favor of the Eastern brand. This is risky because it involves blanking out your mind and, by default, allowing anything in.

I guess this shouldn’t be shocking when a major news story of 2009 had this headline: “More U.S. Christians Mix Eastern and New Age Beliefs.” While you may think this is being done only by liberal Christianity, think again! It crosses all denominations. This is not just some kind of fad or an isolated phenomenon. It is building momentum month by month, and more and more people are seeing this mystical spirituality as a valid and powerful way to experience the presence of God. Many influential and respected people within Christianity view this practice as being perfectly in accordance with orthodox Christianity.

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Meditation Prescribed for British Healthcare System


Meditation therapy should be routinely available on the NHS to treat recurring depression and to help tackle Britain’s growing mental health problems, according to a new report.

The study, commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation, found that fewer than one in 20 GPs prescribed meditation therapy for patients suffering depression, despite NHS guidance suggesting that it could halve depression relapse rates.

The report calls for much wider use of “mindfulness” treatment, which combines meditation with orthodox “thought training”. The report argues that if more GPs offered the therapy it would sharply reduce the financial burden of depression, which costs Britain £7.5 billion a year.

…Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), which has its roots in Eastern philosophy and Buddhism, trains people to focus attention on one place instead of allowing the mind to be “hijacked” by emotional issues, regrets, worries about the past and future, and other distractions. This can be done in a number of ways, for example by focusing on breathing, parts of the body, or movement.

See what type of root is under the fruit of meditation here:


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The MB Herald recently recognized the issue of mental health in an article entitled “When mental illness arrives in the pews.” The article was about a new ministry for those with mental illness that was going to be offered at Evergreen Heights Christian Fellowship in Simcoe, Ontario.

Starting in fall 2008, the Evergreen group meets once a week. They are using Peter Scazzero’s Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, to guide and direct their discussion. Another resource they find useful is a mental health self-help program called The Living Room, which is also being used by Highland (MB) Community Church in Abbotsford, B.C.

The word is out – when mental illness arrives in the pews of MB churches, church leaders and volunteers are finding ways to provide the support that is needed. Places like Evergreen Heights are leading the way.—SC

Evergreen Heights responds to mental illness

Evergreen Heights Christian Fellowship (www.evergreenheights.org), a Mennonite Brethren Church, is also a Purpose Driven church. Not only are they leading the way by ministering to those with mental illness, which is admirable, they are unfortunately doing so the contemplative way by using Peter Scazzero’s Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. Sadly, this is not based on biblical counseling methods, but rather on contemplative interfaith methods. As has been revealed here, it also draws from many different streams of spirituality.

To begin with, the mental health self-help program they are using called The Living Room (www.livingroomsupport.org) is also used by another Mennonite Brethren church in British Columbia called Highland Community Church (highlandcommunitychurch.blogspot.com). (This church incidentally links to several contemplative ministries as well, for example: cathyhardy.blogspot.com and http://www.soulstream.org.)

Another issue of concern is the fact that The Living Room links itself to interfaith organizations, such as NAMI Faithnet, Pathways to Promise: Interfaith Ministries & Mental Illness (www.pathways2promise.org/) and Mental Health Ministries. The latter (found @ http://www.mentalhealthministries.net) has the following description on their website:

The focus is on spirituality and mental illness rather than a particular faith tradition. A distinction is made between spirituality and religion. Spirituality springs from a belief system that gives meaning to our lives. It grows out of our experience rather than doctrine. Religion, on the other hand, refers to a faith community grounded in a set of beliefs, practices and a shared history such as churches, mosques, temples, etc.

Jesus said, “If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” (John 7:37,38)

How can His bride, the Church, be leading the mentally ill to the pure living water found only through Christ, if they are also encouraging them to drink from the muddy streams of self-help and contemplative spiritual disciplines and Roman Catholic mysticism, in a mixture of spirituality campatible with other faiths?

Would a good shepherd lead his sick and thirsty sheep to muddy water?

Update: For more up to date reviews of the MB Herald, see Menno-lite.

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