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Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus

A little bit of Heaven in a mall food court.

This video moved me to tears. It is an encouragement for those who belong to the Lord to see Him glorified so beautifully in song in the unlikeliest of places. I liken this video to things yet to come in two ways:

1). The beautiful worship of the Lamb that was slain by His redeemed one’s that will take place in Heaven.

2). This performance was done in spite of most in the mall where the glory of God was the furthest thing from their minds, much like those on the Day of Judgment will bow their knee and proclaim Jesus as Lord in spite of living their lives where the glory of God was the furthest thing from their minds. Those on Judgment Day will have no way to stop their compulsion to proclaim Jesus as Lord, much like those in the food court had no way to stop those who were singing praises of the risen Savior .

Thanks to Defending Contending.

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The Rise of Techno-Gods: The Merging of Transhumanism and Spirituality

By Carl Teichrib (www.forcingchange.org)

Standing at the guest booth on the outskirts of the Temple grounds in Salt Lake City, the young lady behind the counter asked if we were attending “the conference.”

“Not the conference,” my wife explained, “but a conference.”

A momentary look of confusion crossed the greeter’s face. After all, the Latter-Day Saints’ General Conference was only hours away, and for the Mormon community GC is the event of the year. Why else would we be in Salt Lake City?

I tried to clarify; “We’re here for a conference sponsored by the Mormon Transhumanist Association.”

This didn’t help.

Like the Mormon greeter, you too are probably wondering; “What in the world is transhumanism?”

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Hindu Group Stirs a Debate Over Yoga’s Soul

Yoga is practiced by about 15 million people in the United States, for reasons almost as numerous — from the physical benefits mapped in brain scans to the less tangible rewards that New Age journals call spiritual centering. Religion, for the most part, has nothing to do with it.

But a group of Indian-Americans has ignited a surprisingly fierce debate in the gentle world of yoga by mounting a campaign to acquaint Westerners with the faith that it says underlies every single yoga style followed in gyms, ashrams and spas: Hinduism.

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