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The following is a recent report at Tim Worth’s blog that shows why the Nazarene church appears to have crossed the bridge over the muddy waters of contemplative spirituality on their way to Rome.

This is the report my firend and brother Manny Silva wrote on what we saw at the Nazarene GA. I will follow to fill in some information because I am an ex Catholic.
Mannys report….

Attended A Workshop: Scripture As Spiritual Formation. It was led by Mark Maddix of Northwest Nazarene University and Richard Thompson.

Shortly after it started, I think we knew where it was going. Professor Maddix later promoted lectio divina, one of the contemplative spirituality rituals. He later ended the session by encouraging people to investigate more into learning about spiritual formation. At the end, I was the last person to ask a question, and I asked Mr. Maddix:

“My father was rescued from the bondage of the Roman Catholic church years ago as a young man, and became a Christian. He preached for years as a Nazarene pastor until he died. So why is it that the Nazarene denomination is welcoming and promoting mystical practices that come straight out of Roman Catholicism, which is a false religion?”

Mark Maddix strongly disagreed with me…

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Nazarene’s embrace Rome at their General Assembly


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An inter-Mennonite college that may be influential in promoting ecumenical and Roman Catholic spiritual formation is the host venue for some speakers next month who might help clear some muddy water. But will those who have been drinking from muddy streams be thirsty enough for pure water?

Ray Yungen will be speaking at Columbia Bible College, Abbotsford, B.C. Canada, this August 15th-17th. Also speaking at this conference will be Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries and Eric Barger. (See SCHEDULE.) Why is this ironic?

CBC is an inter-Mennonite Bible Institute that was established to actively promote and teach a strong evangelical Anabaptist/Mennonite theology. . .

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Will Mennonites Attend This Conference?

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One of the great signs that we are in the Last Days will be when Muslims embrace false appearances of a women believed to be the mother of Jesus that will bring about peace and unity. As mentioned in the article below this happened at Zeitun, Egypt in 1968.

One of the common denominators between Roman Catholics and Muslims is their reverence for “Mary.” Current problems in Egypt may well bring about another round of apparitions, or as described in biblical terms, “lying signs and wonders” that will occur in a time of great deception.

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Why millions of Muslims are seeing apparitions of the Mother Mary

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“Last year, the Diocese of Orange bought the property from Crystal Cathedral ministries, which was in bankruptcy, for $57.5 million. Workers then took on seismic upgrades and restored fountains to their original beauty.

Moving St. Callistus to its new home will mean more than just new buildings, the faithful hope. What they really wish for is plenty of new faces.

“This will be a place of welcome for people of all faiths or no faith,” said Father Christopher Smith, rector at Christ Cathedral. “We want it to be a shiny example of what it means to do outreach to the poor or the marginalized.”

And with more than 1.2 million Catholics in Orange County, he said the intent is to “unify the diocese itself.”

“Here we will honor the human person,” Smith said. “We will support the arts, music, dance, painting. We will make it a wonderful home.””

St. Callistus Catholic Church moves to Crystal Cathedral site

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Atheist Church?


The growth of atheist churches continues across the globe. With the London-based Sunday Assembly, a non-theistic congregation, coming to New York City later this month, it’s only one of the non-believing congregations operating — or planning to, anyway — on U.S. soil.

Take, for instance, Jerry DeWitt — a former Pentecostal minister — and his newest endeavor. This weekend, he took his atheism to new levels with the launch of the Community Mission Chapel of Lake Charles Louisiana (an atheist congregation). While the house of worship sounds like a traditional Christian church, it’s quite the opposite…

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