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About two months from now another muddy mixture of truth and error will be taking place in Edmonton, Alberta at Break Forth Canada 2013. Speakers include Francis Chan, Kay Arthur, John Ortberg, Mark Buchanan, Brad Jersak, Leonard Sweet, and Gary Thomas.

Many of these speakers teach a muddy mix of truth and contemplative spirituality. For example, John Ortberg, the author of the Monvee book, The Me I Want to Be, is a key player in the contemplative spirituality movement. He has been strongly influenced by the spirituality endorsed by contemplative mystics (see review of The Life You’ve Always Wanted). Canadian pastor Mark Buchanan has written several contemplative books as well as the foreword to Crafting a Rule of Life: An Invitation to the Well-Ordered Way By Stephen A. Macchia (a contemporary approach to St. Benedict’s Rule endorsed by many well known contemplative authors). Although Buchanan does claim to use biblical spiritual discipline sources it is a concern when he also quotes Henri Nouwen, Brother Lawrence, Philip Yancey, upholds Mother Theresa and portrays Richard Foster as an expert on spiritual disciplines. Brad Jersak, another Canadian author, teaches a combination of visualization and listening prayer (see previous posts SHOULD CHRISTIANS EXPECT TO HEAR GOD’S VOICE? and Visualizing ourselves into the Throne Room of Heaven?). This will not be the first Breakforth Canada appearance for Jersak, as with speakers Gary Thomas and Leonard Sweet (see The Berean Library’s page on Sweet’s books).

May the truth of God’s Word speak loudly, breaking the bridge of compromise and clearly separating the purity of the gospel from the spiritual deception which has already clouded the hearts and minds of so many believers today.



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Break Forth Canada 2013 lineup includes adulteress Amy Grant and ex-husband (and adulterer) Gary Chapman


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Like Purpose Driven and Alpha programs before it, The Shack and its spiritual message is also crossing over the bridge to Rome.

See these:

The Shack author to speak at Catholic National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows

The Shack Author to Speak at Catholic National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows

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Alpha for Catholics may give Roman Catholics more faith and religion, direction and purpose, but what about a clear understanding of Jesus and salvation? Like all Alpha testimonies, are these about what Alpha has done, or about what Jesus has done?

Alpha for the Catholic Context Promo


Alpha And The Pope

The Alpha Course


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Alpha: Another Road To Rome?

Commentary by Roger Oakland

The Alpha program, founded by Nicky Gumbel, a former Oxford educated barrister-turned-Anglican priest has become very popular in North America. A brochure published for the Alpha Texas Conference in Austin, Texas, scheduled for January 8th and 9th, 1998 detailed the goals and objectives of the course. It stated:

The Alpha Course is a ten-week practical introduction to the Christian faith. It is designed primarily for non-church goers and those who have recently become Christians. Alpha is a flexible and practical model that can work for a group of any size. Churches and Christian organizations of every background and denomination are discovering it to be a simple and effective way of presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ in a non-threatening manner for people of all walks of life.

More here:


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Alpha And The Pope

Nicky Gumbel speaks at Catholic Congress


Nicky Gumbel Alpha Course and The Pope

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More muddy ecumenism and compromise uncovered…

In 2005, Warren’s Southeast Asia PD node reported on the roll out of PD to Roman Catholic churches in the Philippines…

There is more here:

Piper and Warren: Pride Priests and Purpose

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The devil takes great delight in blinding men and women to the truth of the ‘good news’ of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He blinds minds according to 2nd Corinthians 4:4. He takes people captive by his deceptions according to 2nd Timothy 2:26. He perverts the scriptures as we see in Matthew 4:6. He hinders the true servants of God as we read in 1st Thessalonians 2:18. He and his dupes can deceive by appearing to be angels of light as we read in 2nd Corinthians 11:13-14. He is a liar and the father of lies according to John 8:44.

I have just received the latest issue [November 2009 – February 2010] of ALPHA NEWS and the devil must be absolutely rubbing his hands with glee as he surveys what has been published in the name of Christianity – truly this issue deserves an oscar for spiritual deception….

So, headlining the front page of ALPHA NEWS is a photo of Tony Blair, who is not a Christian but is a Roman Catholic and a victim of the soul-damning ‘sacramental system of salvation’ propagated by Rome.

Inside the paper are extracts from an interview given by Tony Blair to Nicky Gumbel in front of 1200 people at Holy Trinity Brompton, London in July 2009. Nicky Gumbel somewhat enhanced an event early in Tony Blair’s life when he posed this question – ‘I think you talked about having a kind of spiritual awakening when you were ten years old. Did you have an experience then of some kind?

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