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A year after they connected (see Rob Bell and Oprah Connect), these well known names continue their New Age mystical convergence.


Why are so many Christians and churches taking part in Eastern meditative practices like transcendental meditation, Yoga and other mystical shenanigans?

Starting Friday there are three globally significant New Age events in with one common denominator: Deepak Chopra…

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Rob Bell and Oprah Connect


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California judge rules it’s a stretch that yoga is religious

A California judge has ruled that it’s a real stretch to suggest yoga is always religious.

Superior Court Judge John S. Meyer rejected the pleas of parents from a San Diego County school district where yoga is taught on nine campuses who said the classes are inherently religious and violate the constitutional principle of separating church and state.

Meyer sided instead in the Monday ruling with administrators from the Encinitas Union School District who argued the practice while often religious is taught in a secular way to promote strength, flexibility and balance.

The judge said parents who objected relied on personal opinions, some culled from Internet searches. “It’s almost like a trial by Wikipedia, which isn’t what this court does,” said Meyer, who took nearly two hours to explain a decision that explored yoga’s Indian roots and philosophy.

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As the interfaith one world religion ball rolls….

White House Easter Egg Roll to Feature ‘Let’s Move!’ Yoga Garden

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will be hosting a “Yoga Garden” this year for children and their parents who attend the traditional Easter Egg Roll festivities on Monday, April 21, 2014.
The yoga mecca is part of this year’s Easter theme, “Hop into Healthy, Swing into Shape,” which is part of the first lady’s “Let’s Move!” program and will feature professional instructors.
The event will also include a “Hop to it Stage” with a variety of dancing events, including “Baby Loves Disco, Hip Hop Public Health, KidTribe, and the Ohmies.”

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Aside from the obvious dangers surrounding the spiritual elements of yoga and Hinduism, yoga exercises and positions are not all fun and games for children, as Marcia Montenegro of Christian Answers for the New Age tells us…

“the President of the American Yoga Association has stated that she does not think Yoga is good for children under age 16 because of the effects on “nervous and glandular systems” and that Yoga may interfere with natural growth… Referring to two of her teachers, she says, “Two of my great teachers, Rama and Lakshmanjoo, advised me of the dangers that Yoga asanas may pose for young children” …. She is okay with children doing some breathing techniques, but this website is clearly New Age and will not admit to the spiritual dangers. At least they advise against children doing Yoga for physical reasons”

By Marcia Montenegro, March 20

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Father Thomas Ryan is a catholic priest who directs the North American Office for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations in Washington DC for his community, the Paulist Fathers.[1] He also coordinates ecumenical and inter-religious relations for the paulist community in Canada. A certified Kripalu yoga teacher, one of the sacred practices he teaches is YOGA PRAYER: AN EMBODIED CHRISTIAN PRACTICE.[2] Last fall Fr Thomas Ryan wrote several guest blogs for ‘Shalem Institute’s Living Contemplatively’[3].

This week Father Thomas Ryan will be speaking with Dr. Gordon Smith, President of Ambrose University College and Seminary, in Calgary, Alberta (the seminary of Christian and Missionary Alliance and The Church of the Nazarene). Together they will be leading “Catholics and Evangelicals in God’s Mission—Together,” which is an opportunity to…

“…come together to talk about Christian unity and mission. Church unity is a global issue that matters: Jesus prayed in the closing hours of his life for the unity of his followers, and the church’s vocation is to be a sign in our world of God’s reconciling power. The truth is that Evangelicals and Catholics share much more in common than not.”[4]

This comes as no surprise to those who have been watching the muddy streams of religion converge. Indeed, a picture says a thousand words.[5]


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C&MA and Ambrose: Welcoming Spiritually Muddy Theology

Are Ambrose Lecturers Leading Students into Muddy Waters?

Christian & Missionary Alliance Students Taught to Listen to God – Contemplative Style


Evangelicals and Catholics Together – Part 1
(December 1994 – Volume 1, Issue 2)
Was the Reformation a mistake, or do fundamental points of doctrine still separate the Roman Catholic Church from us?
Read Parts 1-3 here:

Evangelicals & Catholics: The Next Generation?
McMahon, T.A.

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Last fall during the annual Fall Spiritual Emphasis Days, students at Ambrose University College of the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Calgary, Alberta (Canada), were taught contemplative spirituality with the theme of Listening to God. Ambrose alumnus Steve Kerr, pastor of Gateway Church in Caledonia, Ontario (a C&MA church) taught sessions about Listening to God. Other contemplative workshops were facilitated by Ambrose staff and faculty.

Students were invited to participate in a diverse array of workshops, like “Centering Prayer: A Pathway to Experiencing God’s Presence,” taught by Dr. Miriam Charter. Students learned that “Centering Prayer is a gift to us from the Desert Fathers who sought a way to deepen their relationship with the living Christ. It is “listening” prayer that may become for the serious pilgrim a pathway for receiving and experiencing the gift of God’s Presence.”
Additional workshops included “Hear the Divine Voice…Make the Right Choice,” by Dr. Charles Nienkirchen, “Hearing God through Nature: A Walk Through the Ambrose Aspen Stand,” by Wally Rude, “Making (Some) Sense of the Pain: Hearing God in Times of Difficulty and Suffering,” by Dr. Gordon Smith, “Lectio Divina” (Divine Reading) with Kevin Cawthra, “Going Global? A Conversation about Discerning God’s call to Serve Internationally,” and “Hearing the Voice of Jesus through Imaging,” with Joy Ulrich.

To Hear, To Contemplate, To Act

Ambrose University College Seminary is a merger of the Christian & Missionary Alliance (Canada) with The Church of the Nazarene (Canada). Ambrose’s new president Gordon T. Smith (previously Vice President and Dean of Regent College), has written several books. In The Voice of Jesus, Smith’s ideas are built on Roman Catholic spiritual traditions of John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, and Ignatius of Loyola. Alone With The Lord is a self guided prayer plan adapted from The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits. (Read more about this here: Ambrose University College hires Jesuit-educated contemplative spirituality proponent as its new president.)

Is there any question as to whether this seminary is leading their students over the contemplative bridge to Rome?


What is centering prayer?

Who Were the Desert Fathers?

“Who are the Jesuits, and what do they believe?”

Christian & Missionary Alliance Workers will soon be learning Ancient Spiritual Disciplines

Christian Missionary Alliance and Focus on the Family Canada leading Christians across the Contemplative Bridge

Yoga Class at Christian & Missionary Alliance Church

Ambrose Seminary teaches contemplative spirituality in 2009-2010

Are Ambrose Lecturers Leading Students into Muddy Waters?

Ambrose University (CMA & Nazarene) Full Speed into Contemplative/Emergent


Letter to the Editor: Christian & Missionary Alliance OK With Ruth Haley Barton and Other Contemplatives

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Yoga: More than Meets the Eyes??
Rev. Ed Hird, Rector
St. Simon’s Church North Vancouver

You may find this a stretching article in body, mind and spirit. I have intentionally avoided writing this article for years, because I knew that it might be unavoidably controversial. With genuine reluctance, I faced my conflict avoidance, obeyed the Lord and read hundreds of yoga books in our local public libraries. In preparing this article, I have not read one book which warns against yoga. All book citations in this article are from yoga advocates and practitioners.

To many people, yoga is just the hottest new exercise fad for younger women…

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Reputedly Conservative Churches Embrace ‘Holy Yoga’
By Dr. Paul M. Elliott, April 2, 2013

Just when you may have thought things couldn’t get worse in reputedly conservative churches, they do.

I have been counseling people – and advising them to leave – an Orthodox Presbyterian church where “Holy Yoga” is being taught as a sanctioned “wellness” program of the church. One of the mottoes of the program, we are told, is “Connect with Christ through Yoga.” Despite protests from some in the congregation, the church elders are continuing this abomination, and we understand that the presbytery is simply looking the other way.

This development only underscores the fact that when a denomination compromises the one true Gospel, deeper apostasies inevitably follow – often much sooner than anyone would have imagined, and in seemingly unthinkable directions.

“Holy Yoga” is a syncretistic mingling of Hinduism and Christianity. It is a latter-day manifestation of the same evil spirit that drove King Ahaz of ancient Judah…

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