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This is one thing Mike Bickle of IHOP is not going to be debating in front of the young people attending this year’s annual Onething Conference where Archbishop Joseph Naumann and others will be celebrating the Mass:


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Former Protestants, now Catholic converts, speaking at IHOP-KC Onething 2012

An appalling and horrible thing has happened in the land: The prophets prophesy falsely, And the priests rule on their own authority: And My people love it so. But what will you do at the end? (Jeremiah 5:30)

Mike Bickle of IHOP-KC has decided to partner with the Catholics for this year’s annual Onething Conference, and the Catholics are understandably ecstatic. Mike Bickle has provided a great opportunity to reach young people with the Catholic message. Strategically, the Catholics have selected ex-Protestants Dr. Scott Hahn and Dr. John Bergsma to speak at Onething. [1] Archbishop Joseph Naumann and others will be celebrating Masses. [2] Unfortunately, nothing on the IHOP-KC Onething site reveals anthing about Catholic participation.

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Protestant-Turned-Catholic, Scot Hahn, Was Scheduled to Speak at IHOP’s Onething Conference – Understanding Hahn’s “Conversion”

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The slide of the visible church down the slippery slope of compromise continues to gain momentum as ecumenism and syncretism replace sound doctrine and fidelity to the truth. Much of this compromise ultimately leads many back to Rome through such mystical, New Age practices as contemplative prayer as experience triumphs over objective truth. The International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City is one such group that has elevated and encouraged participants to seek mystical experiences with God as validation of one’s faith. This year, IHOP will demonstrate how easily such things align with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, as the annual IHOP Onething Conference promises and boasts of the inclusion of a Catholic track at this year’s gathering.



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In the past, Christian bloggers have expressed concerns about some of the speakers at the annual Breakforth Canada so called equipping conferences. This year’s conference, which begins today, is no exception. Here is their promotion at first glance:

Break Forth Canada 2011

Join 15,000 from over 1,000 churches at the largest equipping and renewal conference in North America – Break Forth Canada 2011 – January 28-30 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!

Keynote Speakers: Franklin Graham, John and Stasi Eldredge, Philip Yancey, Donald Miller, Dr. Kevin Leman

Concert Artists: Casting Crowns, Leeland, Downhere, Steve Bell, Building 429, Pocket Full of Rocks, Bluetree, 33 Miles, Geoff Moore, Junkyard Poets, Jon Bauer, Linnea Salte, Derek Gust, Carlos Oscar & more!

Worship Leaders: Paul Baloche, Brian Doerksen, Desperation Band, Jared Anderson, Joel Auge, Don Poythress, Arlen Salte & more!

Teachers: Dr. Gary Chapman, Dan Allender, Tom Davis, Shaunti Feldhahn, Todd Hunter, Brad Jersak, James Bryan Smith, Joe Boot, Colin McCartney, Dan Wilt, Hans Weichbrodt, Allstar Show Industries Inc., Carl Albrecht, Michelle Anthony, Andy Chamberlain, Ron Deal, Patrick & Laurie Deremer, Easyworship, Don Everts, Faithlife Financial, Robert & Kathie Fetveit, Kim Gentes, Doug Gould, Ben Gowell, Jim Hall, Rick Howerton, Philip Janz, Sid Koop, Jeff Pratt, Kit Rae, Calum Rees, Michael Rossback, Roy Salmond, Noreen Smith, Les Stahlke, Brian Thiessen, Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems & more!


A closer look reveals that there is some more muddy theology about to flow forth from Breakforth Canada 2011.

At the top of the list, the main concern about the main speakers is regarding Philip Yancey, who will be teaching two main electives (What’s So Amazing About Grace,
Where is God When it Hurts..

To see why this is a concern see here:

PHILIP YANCEY – “turning the grace of God into lasciviousness” Jude 4

GotQuestions.org drops links to Phil Yancey books

Contemplative Philip Yancey Keynote Speaker at the 2011 Gay Christian Network Conference

Philip Yancey – Amazing Grace?

A secondary but equally valid concern is regarding another teacher on the Breakforth teacher list. Brad Jersak is teaching a pre-conference Intensive Learning Workshop called A Real Meeting with a Living Friend. He will also be teaching his listening prayer/visualization methods in several of the main conference elective classes. To find out why this is a concern, see these helpful articles:

Listening Prayer

Some New Context to Brad Jersak and Listening Prayer…

Other speakers in the mystical prayer category include the following:

Jim Hall (fragrantincense.ca) will be teaching on Soaking, a prayer method popular in some charismatic circles (House of Prayer Edmonton, inspired by IHOP and Mike Bickle). Other classes include one by Todd Hunter (Reimagining Church) which will be about spiritual disciplines and practices of the church. Another not so well known speaker is James Bryan Smith (of The Apprentice Series) who will be teaching an elective of three classes on contemplative spiritual formation about community and practicing spiritual exercises. There will also be some sessions taught by Colin McCartney on the global movement called the Red Letter Christians. (To see why this is a concern see RED-LETTER CHRISTIANS: NEO-MARXISM IN THE CHURCH?)

Clearly, these are muddy waters being offered to the registrants at Breakforth Canada 2011, and we can expect to see the further spread of apostasy as participants return to their churches and youth groups and share what they have learned.

Also see:

Discerning The Break Forth Canada Conference


Should there be any doubt as to the concerns regarding Philip Yancey being a main speaker at Breakforth Canada 2011 this weekend, to further demonstrates his priorities, this week he participated with the ecumenical First†Metropolitan United Church at this event:

Phillip Yancey to headline Epiphany Explorations

Epiphany Explorations 2011 – January 20 to 24

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IHOP Warning

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IHOP & The Latter Rain

“Earlier this year the International House of Prayer (IHOP) sponsored a conference in Kansas City entitled Passion for Jesus that was heavily promoted toward young people. The purpose of the conference was to “cultivate intimacy with Jesus.” In the conference’s second session, IHOP president and director Mike Bickle preached a message based on an allegorical interpretation of a Matthew 25 parable in which he explained his end times theology and “revelation of the bridal paradigm.” Bickle claims that Jesus cannot return until something drastically changes in the church: “He is not coming any day. He is not coming until the people of God globally are crying out in intercession with a bridal identity under the anointing of the Spirit.” If you do not understand what he means by that it is likely because you have read the Bible literally and have never found anything regarding a special anointing that imparts a revelation of a “bridal identity.” In fact, much of Bickle’s terminology will be strange and foreign to most Christians.

In this article I will show that Bickle’s movement is based on allegorized scripture, deeper life pietism, and mysticism, representing a slightly modified version of the heretical Latter Rain movement of the 1940s.

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Watch these extra biblical and non-biblical hypnotic spiritual practices and false teachings of IHOP being used on gullible youth:

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