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Changing Science, Changing Mind

By Sarah Leslie

“A new world, as the mystics have always said, is a new mind.” –Marilyn Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy[1]

“…The core of the current challenge to the scientific worldview can be taken to be ‘consciousness,’ which has come to be a code word for a wide range of human experience, including conscious awareness or subjectivity, intentionality, selective attention, intuition, creativity, relationship of mind to healing, spiritual sensibility, and a range of anomalous experience and phenomena.” –Willis Harman [2]

From the start, healthcare was part of the New Age vision. This may surprise people who think that today’s healthcare reform is just a secular political agenda. It was actually intended to be the chief conduit for global mind change. To New Age “Aquarians,” the transmission of healthcare was viewed as a channel in an occult sense, a pathway to communicate a New Age worldview. To pull off this massive shift would necessitate a transformation from a scientific to a mystical paradigm. Medicine needed to become holistic with an active spiritual component: the New Age/New Spirituality.

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What happened at the forum?

At the forum, both Warren and Blair stated that the only way a global peace could happen on planet earth in the future would be for all faiths to work together and do good together. The audience at the forum appeared to be mesmerized and awe-struck as they were wooed with discussion on faith, good works, democracy, and coming together. Beneath the vernacular, however, was another story.

Blair and Warren also mentioned they have been partnering with the President of Rwanda in an effort to develop a Purpose Driven country as an initial step to establishing a Purpose Driven world. In 2005, Rick Warren announced his global P.E.A.C.E. Plan to his congregation and then in 2008 announced that Rwanda would be the first Purpose Driven country. In 2003, he said of New Age sympathizer Ken Blanchard that he had “signed on to help with the Peace Plan, and he’s going to be helping train us in leadership and in how to train others to be leaders all around the world” (35-37 min mark).*

Blanchard is just one of many “new” spirituality leaders whom Warren has turned to for assistance in building his Peace Plan globally.

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Global Peace Forum at Saddleback
with Rick Warren and Tony Blair raises serious questions about Global Peace Plan




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Waiting in the Wings
by Heidi Swander
March 31, 2011

“According to the New Age/New Gospel, Christ is not a person. It is an office. This New Age Gospel teaches that while Jesus of Nazareth occupied the office during His active ministry, He no longer holds that same position. Today, the office of ‘Christ’ is occupied by someone else. And this ‘someone else’ is presently in the process of establishing contact with humanity. This ‘Christ’ intimates that he is already in the world awaiting mankind’s call.” So says former New Ager Warren Smith in his new book, False Christ Coming, Does Anybody Care?

The alleged immanency of this so-called “Christ” is another sign of our [end] times — one that not many Christians know much about because it’s being announced in circles that we don’t frequent. Warren goes on: “This ‘Christ’ explains that his New Age/New Spirituality will unify the world’s major religions and bring peace to the world.” This grandiose statement sounds an awful lot like Daniel’s description of the “king of fierce countenance” (aka, the antichrist) that he refers to in Dan. 8:25: “. . . he shall magnify himself in his heart and by peace shall destroy many. . . “

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A Warning to Proponents of Interfaith Dialogue

Caveat Emptor – Buyers be aware – What you hear is NOT what you get

All over the U.S in countless churches as well as Jewish temples, interfaith dialogues with Muslim leaders thrive. The typical formula for these gatherings is as follows: pastors and rabbis invite a Muslim speaker, at times a member of an affiliate Muslim Brotherhood organization. The Muslim speaker tells them what he/she would like them to hear, contrary to the real truth. The ill-informed attendees ask questions which provide fodder for the Muslim presenter to further his/her deception. The result: most everyone leaves the event feeling enlightened about Islam, despite being cast further in the dark.

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Iran’s End Times Documentary

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Evangelist Charles Colson’s final mission: Spiritually cloning himself
By Michelle Boorstein

Charles Colson assembles the newest members of his Christian army at a Loudoun County convention hall on a winter Saturday.

Seated before the aging Watergate-era felon-turned-evangelical leader are dozens of handpicked disciples: a woman who sings at patriotic events, a sports psychology professor, a real estate developer, a pharmaceutical salesman.

They’ve spent the year — and as much as $4,000 — reading the books Colson reads, watching the movies he watches, praying the way he prays. It’s all part of an ambitious effort by Colson to replicate his spiritual DNA and ensure that his vision of Christianity doesn’t die when he does.

“This is the time for us to metastasize and impact society!” the gravelly-voiced former Nixon aide tells his rapt audience. “And this is a really, really urgent hour.”

For decades after emerging from a federal penitentiary, Colson focused on building what has become the world’s biggest prison ministry. Now, at 79, he has shifted his attention to the final mission of his remarkable life: saving what he regards as true Christianity from American extinction.

Time is running out.

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Note: Chuck Colson, whose spiritual mentor is TM Moore, a minister with a blog on Celtic Christian­ity (www.ailbe.org/tmmoore), is also part of the global ecumenical movement (see The New Global Civility).


Chuck Colson Continues Work in Bringing Evangelicals and Catholics Together

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Growing Intolerance for Christianity in U.S.

“In a world of political correctness devoid of the rule of law, tolerance has come to mean total rejection of Christianity and moral standards. Modern tolerance redefines words like ‘marriage,’ ‘discrimination,’ ‘equality,’ ‘morality,’ and even ‘absolutes.’ The word ‘tolerance’ as it is used today never includes opposing arguments or competing worldviews. Tolerance has become Orwellian and decidedly intolerant.” – Matthew Staver, Dean and Professor of Law at Liberty University School of Law.

A few examples of recent intolerance for Christianity:

• The Supreme court determining to exclude anyone who prays in Jesus name from a rotation of officials who open city business meetings

• The removal of US military Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, over the issue of praying in Jesus Name

• UCLA’s prohibiting a graduating student from thanking her “Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” in her graduation speech

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The “WOO” Factor

By Sarah Leslie

“Dr. Mark Hyman is famous as the “founder” of a form of woo known as ‘functional medicine.’ …it appears to be a serious grab bag of various forms of woo that, according to Dr. Hyman’s website itself, involve environmental inputs, inflammation, hormones, gut & digestive health, detoxification, energy/mitochondria/oxidative stress, and, of course, ‘mind-body’…”[1]

“Woo, a term used by scientific skeptics for pseudoscience, alternative medicine and New Age beliefs, or a person who holds such beliefs.”[2]

One doesn’t have to Google very long to discover that the three doctors assisting Rick Warren in his Daniel Plan for healthcare reform in the church have been the subject of ongoing controversies in the public medical arena for the past several years. The controversies are serious enough to make one wonder if he hasn’t enlisted the support of some super snake oil salesmen.

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