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Christian parents group to sue school over yoga classes
A group of Christian parents in California have threatened to sue a school district for introducing yoga in classrooms.

The Encinitas Union School District plans to offer yoga instruction at all of its nine schools from January, despite a protest by parents who say they believe it will indoctrinate their children in Eastern religion.
The growing popularity of yoga is forcing US public schools to address the question of whether it is a religious practice or simply exercise.

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YOGA – Just Exercise or a Hindu Religion?


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SPECIAL REPORT: New 2012 Expanded Edition of The Purpose Driven Life Shows Rick Warren Maintains Unbiblical Position

The reason Christian leaders aren’t taking the New Age more seriously is because figures, like [Rick] Warren, are not ringing out a warning and are themselves being influenced and deceived by the New Age. – Warren B. Smith

Ten years after the first edition of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life was released, Zondervan a new 2012 “Expanded Edition” of the New York Times best seller geared for a “new generation.” As the cover of the new edition reads, over 32 million copies of The Purpose Driven Life have been sold. This special Lighthouse Trails report will examine how the new edition has retained its unbiblical and unsound position.

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California Church to Become Site of Islamist Convention

The Muslim Public Affairs Council’s choice of location for its 12th Annual Convention on December 15 is telling: The All Saints Episcopal Church of Pasadena, California. The group, founded by Muslim Brotherhood followers, says this is the “next step in its mission by crossing the interfaith line.” Yet again, the Islamists are taking advantage of naïve Christians with a desire to show off their tolerance.

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Tri-faith vision becomes reality in Omaha
Jewish temple, Islamic center, Episcopalian church to exist on 1 property

A unique vision for religious unity in Omaha is quickly becoming reality.

The concept is to build a Jewish temple, Islamic center, and Episcopalian church all on one property and connected by walkways that meet at a tri-faith center meant to encourage education and understanding.

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