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What is the common bond for unity of all the religions of the world? Why is it that all over north America, Roman Catholic priests are being invited into evangelical churches. Does the Vatican have a strategy behind this unity? Are the errors of a false gospel being covered with a thin venier of truth? Are the ‘lost brethren’ being won back to the holy mother church of Rome? Can evangelicals have unity with Catholics when they are divided on the essentials of the gospel? What is the fertile ground for such deception? Is truth being suppressed for the sake of unity? What is our response to false teachers according to the Bible?

Mike Gendron answers these questions, and more, here:

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We have clearly crossed the bridge of “I Can’t Believe This is Happening”…

I can’t believe our faith has been attacked to the point that Christians are cowering under the fear of government. Priests and men of cloth are beginning to preach communism every Sunday and support Islam.

I can’t believe the number of mosques that are mushrooming around the country literally overnight. But then we are tolerant in America to the point of foolishness while most Muslim countries do not tolerate Christianity except until recently, Egypt…

I can’t believe our schools in many states are now bowing down to Islam while forbidding our Christian traditions, national anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance, and our flag…

I can’t believe that we lost our country to Marxists and everybody seems to be preoccupied by the latest episode of their favorite reality show, sports team, vampire show, and witch show…

Read the rest of the list here:

“I Can’t Believe” This is Happening in America
By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

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“If you are following the news, it seems everything is unraveling. Those who have been following politics and the news are aware that the US of As administration has been filled by anti-constitutionalists. The prophets prophesied transformation for years, and we now have it; only it’s not exactly what they thought it would be.
If you are wondering what is taking place in America, and trying to pin down the activity, it’s simple to understand…”

Read more here:

A “New” Dark Age – In Politics and in the Church
by Mike Oppenheimer

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Watch and learn about the Rise of Global Religion and Religious Universalism from Christian researcher on global issues, Carl Teichrib (www.forcingchange.org), former director of Gary Kah’s ministry.

Global Religion by Carl Teichrib Pt 1/2

Imposing the Cult of Peace is the title for this session:

Global Religion by Carl Teichrib Pt 2/2

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As Hank Hanegraaff continues to disappoint listeners with his apparent muddy slide away from biblical truth, it is not surprising to discover that a recent guest on his program was Gary Burge.

Hank Hanegraaff and Special Guest, Dr. Gary Burge
By: Hank Hanegraaff | Archive Date: 2012-07-12
On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank interviews Dr. Gary Burge, Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College & Graduate School about the DVD: With God On Our Side. Hank and Dr. Burge discuss the current state of Israel and the plight of Palestinian Christians, and how we as believers should understand these things in light of Scripture.

Read more about this here:
Hanegraaff and Burge Attack Christian Support of Israel

Hanegraaff is also promoting the anti-Israel film With God on Our Side on his show this month. The July 1, 2012, Letter From Hank ends with this offer:

P.S. With your support for CRI today, we’ll be able to help more people like you with answers to even the toughest questions. And don’t forget to request your copy of With God On Our Side on DVD when you send your gift (…) Thank you for your commitment to the Truth!

Before supporting Hank Hanegraaff and this film, please read the ‘true’ truth here:

Turning Churches Against Israel

Whose Side Is God On?
By Jan Markel

Film Warning: “With God on Our Side” – Championed by Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo, Brian McLaren & Steve Haas (World Vision)


Gary Burge and the “Territorial World View of Judaism

Louis Lapides on Gary Burge and the Evangelical Intifada

Religiously Targeting Israel
Mark Tooley

(Hank Hanegraaff trashing Israel?)

Also see:

Hank Hanegraaff, the Bible Answer Man, Continues to Air Anti-Israel Programs – Transcript

Note: Hank Hanegraaff believes that the book of Revelation is no longer a prophetic book. See debate with Mark Hitchcock on the date of the Revelation here:

Hank Hanegraaff vs. Mark Hitchcock. – Date of Revelation


Tim LaHaye and Hank Hanegraaff:
The Men Behind the Headlines


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Homeowner Jailed for Hosting Bible Study
By Todd Starnes

A Phoenix man who violated city zoning laws by hosting a Bible study in the privacy of his home has started serving a 60-day jail sentence for his crimes.

Michael Salman was found guilty in the City of Phoenix Court of 67 code violations. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail along with three years of probation and a $12,180 fine. A spokesperson for the city attorney confirmed that Salman reported to a county jail Monday afternoon.

More here:



American Twilight
The lamps of liberty are going out.
By Mark Steyn

60 Days In Prison And A $12,180 Fine For Hosting A Home Bible Study In Arizona

Phoenix Pastor Michael Salman Jailed For Holding Bible Study At His Home


Recent information has begun to surface. Looks like some mud needs to be cleared regarding the facts behind this story. Read the following:

“Pastor” Michael Salman Not Going to Jail for Preaching but for Failing to Obey the Law

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AFTERWORD by Dr. Martin Erdmann

By Gaylene Goodroad*

“The 2012-ers have pulled together archaeology about Mesoamerica, New Age spirituality, UFO stories about extraterrestrials, and left-field understandings about science to produce a prophecy that something Really Big will happen on December 21, 2012.”
– Apocalypse 2012 Explained (CNBC.Com)[1]

Not since Y2K has there been such a global frenzy over predicted massive and universal doom. This time, the fever pitch is considerably higher due to the number of ancient and modern prophecies, prophets, and phenomena guiding the way—all pointing to the year 2012.

More here:




Who were the Nephilim? A Response to Herescope & Larry DeBruyn

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