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Jan Markell & Carl Teichrib – Transhumanism and the Last Days


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Salvation Through Technology

Creating A Posthuman New Breed

By Dr. Martin Erdmann

In The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality Michael Heim has observed, “Behind the development of every major technology lies a vision”.[1] It will be no different with the technologies used by postmoderns to transform themselves into posthumans. Critically examining these mythical and religious themes helps to explain why postmodernity is not displacing modernity as a historical era, but is subsuming and transforming it within a thoroughgoing historicist vision. Postmodernity is simultaneously the affirmation and negation of modernity. Despite the Enlightenment’s apparent victory of displacing theology with science as the dominant force of cultural formation, religious motivations were, according to David F. Noble, never eliminated but only muted.[2] Rapid technological development was often praised in progressive and scientific terms, but it was “driven also by distant dreams, spiritual yearnings for supernatural redemption”[3]. Indeed, “modern technology and religion have evolved together, and as a result the technological enterprise has been and remains suffused with religious belief”[4].

For a thousand years in Western culture, the advancement of the mechanical arts – technology – has been inspired by deep religious desires of transcendence and redemption.

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The following posts are a compilation of articles on the topic of mind reading technology from Moriel Ministries Be Alert blog.

An Un-holy spirit: Has AO (Artificial Omniscience) arrived – Mind Reading Part 1

An Un-holy spirit: Has AO (Artificial Omniscience) arrived – Mind Reading Part 2

An Un-holy spirit: Has AO (Artificial Omniscience) arrived – Mind Reading Part 3

An Un-holy spirit: Has AO (Artificial Omniscience) arrived – Mind Reading Part 4

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The Bible talks in themes of privacy loss under the rule of Antichrist and his one world religious system, but the reality of this has never been possible until now. Those who naively accept this system and willingly take his mark will also accept his false spirituality (Revelation 13:17). Are we witnessing the beginning of the end?

No more passwords? Obama considers Internet ID for Americans in bid to boost web security
January 10

The buzz word today in Technology is “Convergence”. Convergence of all communication technology onto the Internet and the network architecture that supports the internet: TCP/IP.

Convergence of all commerce (buying and selling, financial transactions), …social interaction, entertainment, and the convergence of all business, processes being done via the World Wide Web.

Within a decade you will be considered a serious odd ball if you are not “connected” and then it progresses from being an oddball to being unable via legislation or common business consensus to carry out even common & basic everyday tasks to maintain a job, own a home, have a bank account. . . buy & sell . . . unless you are connected and able to be identified on a single centralized system: THE INTERNET

Revelation 13:17:

“and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name”

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When Technology Turns Against Us
by Jan Markell
January 12, 2011

We all know we are heading into a full-blown surveillance society. The U.K. probably heads the world in this effort, but the U.S. is nipping at its heels. The Obama administration is assuring that.

Newsmax online is reporting the fact that Obama is eyeing the Internet to ID all Americans. This was preceded by the Net Neutrality Act which was the first phase of the government monitoring the Internet. White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt says, “This is the perfect spot in the U.S. government to centralize efforts toward creating an ‘identity ecosystem’ for the Internet.” Privacy groups are alerting that this is an absolute infringement on Americans’ rights. The Department of Homeland Security will also help implement this.

Keep in mind the power of the Internet and computer technology.

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The Internet ID: Do we have any say in it?

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