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…Sharon M. Mann, in a section of Journeys Home, provides personal testimony as one of many who have made the journey home to Rome. She testified that the church fathers played an important role in starting her on her journey to Catholicism. In her own words:

I started reading the early Church Fathers and realized that whatever they believed, they surely were not Protestant. Catholic themes peppered the landscape of Church history. I couldn’t deny it—nor could I accept it. Surely they were misguided! The Church was floundering in the first centuries and tons of crazy ideas were floating around—so I thought! When I began reading St. Augustine, however, I was stunned how Catholic he was.2

Like many others who have read the writings of Augustine and other Catholic Church fathers, Sharon wanted to know more about the Catholic tradition. She went to a chapel where Eucharistic adoration was under way, and like many others, she had an experience that changed her life….

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Into the Arms of Rome Through Ancient Church Fathers and the Eucharist


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See how they are making Roman Catholicism cool for teens with Eucharist/Mary centered spirituality…

“After watching the following video it seems that Rome is trying to model the same seeker-sensitive, feely-touchy, charismatic, man-made methodology that has left so many evangelicals disenfranchised with Christianity and is the impetus behind why so many are running into the arms of the Romish organization.”

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Are Roman Catholics copying Evangelicals?

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