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World AIDS Day: Bono’s ONE Campaign, NIV Bible Publisher Team Up to Reach 1 Million American Christians

The ONE Campaign, founded by Bono, and Biblica, the publisher of the NIV Bible, are teaming up in an effort to help 1 million American Christians seek a cure for AIDS and expand AIDS prevention using Jesus Christ’s teachings as found in the Bible.
“Through this partnership with ONE and Biblica’s own global church and individual networks, we hope to expose over a million people in church to this life-saving message,” Biblica’s chief executive officer Carl A. Moeller told The Christian Post. “We decided to get involved with this project when we were contacted by ONE leadership to help connect World AIDS Day (Monday, December 1) with an Advent message.
“The central message of Advent is the eternal hope that we have in the coming of Jesus – and the healing life He brings – our partnership with ONE will help get this message out even further.”



But. . . is Bono a Christian or are many being deceived? Is the ONE Campaign part of the one world end times deception?

Please see:

U2′s Bono, Unorthodox Superman

ONE world, ONE faith, ONE plan


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Is religion to blame?—War, Religion, and the Interfaith Global Peace Agenda

By Carl Teichrib

[A]ll modern trends point to the specter of a terrifying, bigger and more pitiless conformity.1—Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

If a global motto exists, it would have to be “Give Peace a Chance.”2 From every corner of the world, from every academy and institution, from every school, public office and even many churches, the cry for global peace is being sounded.

Peace is a noble idea; but since mankind has had a written history, we have never known true peace. The scattered, bleached bones of human history testify to this brutal truth—millions upon millions of times over.

So is mankind incapable of achieving ultimate peace on Earth?

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Rick Warren’s New Reformation Lines Up With Tony Blair’s “Open-minded” “Tolerant” World

We have to be prepared to take the security measures necessary for our immediate protection. . . .The answer is to promote views that are open-minded and tolerant towards those who are different, and to fight the formal, informal and internet propagation of closed-minded intolerance.” – Tony Blair

The following article (below) written by Tony Blair illustrates further the world’s efforts to bring about peace (without Christ) and its move toward a one-world religion, which will reject biblical Christians as extremists who are prone to terrorism. Of course, this is absurd as true born-again believers in Christ are not prone to violence. What Tony Blair and other leaders are really calling for is a world where those who say Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation are silenced.

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A good shepherd leads his sheep to clean water and makes them lie down in safety. The Bible says that we are to be wary of false shepherds that wear sheep’s clothing. Today, many shepherds in God’s flock are leading their sheep in the footsteps of such false shepherds, giving them materials and courses written by well know, famous pastors and church leaders who say they love God. For example, many churches have adopted the Purpose Driven mandate and are following America’s beloved pastor. But has America’s most loved pastor been “testifying both to the Jews, and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 20:21)?

When Rick Warren endorsed Catholics Come Home 2013, a book on the Roman Catholic new evangelization program to bring back the “lost [Protestant] brethren” back home to Rome, was he actually ignorant of the false gospel of Catholicism?

“The mission of Tom Peterson and Catholics Come Home to bring souls home to Jesus and the church is critically important during this challenging time in our history. I fully support this new evangelization project.”
—Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life

This March when the new pope was being selected, on Twitter he called on Christians to join him in “fasting and prayer for the 115 Cardinals seeking God’s Will in a new leader.” Warren then welcomed the first Jesuit Pope (see Rick Warren, Tell Catholics the Truth).

This compromise seems to have slipped past the many churches who have become Purpose Driven, as did Warren’s alarmingly watered down gospel to the Jews. In June 2005, Rick Warren met with the Synagogue 3000 Leadership Network (Jewish synagogue leaders) to discuss “the challenges and strategies of building a compelling spiritual community”. (Please see In The Name Of Purpose, The Spiritual Transformation of Today’s Christianity by Tamara Hartzell.)

‘Megachurch pastor Rick Warren attended a large Reform Jewish gathering last week to share tips on how to build a community. Warren – who saw his church expand from seven people meeting in his house to 22,000 people worshipping in an expansive treasure island-like campus – said the key to holding onto visitors is involving them in a small group… “We don’t really feel like people are in the congregation until they’re in small groups.” The “Purpose-Driven” pastor spoke to thousands of Jewish leaders Thursday night at the Union for Reform Judaism’s biennial convention in San Diego… “There are some principles that apply regardless of our faith, if it’s Jewish or Christian,” he said at the convention. One of his principles: “Just be nice to people. Smile.” After Warren spoke a few minutes at the podium, he sat alongside two popular Southern California rabbis for a casual talk about strengthening congregational life. Other advice given by Warren included looking at everything from an outsider’s viewpoint, such as simplifying worship terms, making strangers feel welcome, and encouraging interaction.

-Rick Warren Counsels Jews on Recruiting Congregants http://www.christianpost.com/news/rick-warren-counsels-jews-on-recruiting-congregants-30531/

Cecil Andrews commented further on this at ‘Take Heed’ Ministries, Jan. 2008.

But perhaps the most shocking of Warren’s compromising error is his gospel to Muslims. (See: Falling Short – Rick Warren by Mark Mullins.) Warren is a signatory on the misleading and compromising document “Loving God and Neighbor Together: A Christian Response to a Common Word Between us and You” that claims to “seek peace” with Islam by accepting that Islam and Christianity worship the same God at the core. (See: I CAN’T SIGN THE LETTER: Peace at the cost of absolute truth is conciliation with a lie by Eric Barger.)

Last year Rick Warren was involved in another Muslim bridge building in a document that encourages Christians and Muslims to “appreciate the similarities of our faiths.” (See: RICK WARREN PRESENTS HISTORIC “KING’S WAY” INTERFAITH DOCUMENT )

While his gospel to the Jews and Muslims is watered down, to the world he offers an even more shallow version of the gospel, as demonstrated when he spoke at TED (technology, education, design) about what makes God happy. TED’s past speakers have included Bill Gates, and Richard Dawkins, and is attended by the worlds most influential thinkers in science, philosophy,and music. Here is how Rick Warren siezed this wonderful opportunity to share the gospel to unbelievers and atheists:

“Did you know that God smiles when you be you. Some people have the misguided idea that God only gets excited when you’re doing “spiritual things” like going to church or helping the poor or confessing or doing something like that. The bottom line is that God gets pleasure watching you be you. Why? He made you. And when you do what you were made to do He says ‘That’s my boy!’, ‘That’s my girl!’ You’re using the talent and ability that I gave you… So my advice to you is look at what is in your hand, your identity, your influence, your income, and say its not about me, its about making the world a better place.” Source: Rick warren teaching man centered mythology at TED 2006 http://apprising.org/2012/06/19/rick-warren-teaching-man-centered-mythology/

When the world listens to Rick Warren, one cannot help but think of 1 John 4:5 which says, “They are from the world; therefore they speak as from the world, and the world listens to them.” Some argue that Warren’s message to the church is meatier. Is it? During the Daniel Project at Saddleback church, which was based on physical health (not biblical truth), Warren gave his platform to three health experts, introducing his flock to their teaching and websites. These were doctors who teach and promote Eastern religion, Buddhist based mystical meditation, hypnotism and energy-based Reiki. Even so, Warren said:

‘The Bible says that God wants us to be as healthy physically as you are spiritually,’ Warren said… ‘This is God’s prescription for your health.” – Rick Warren

Also see: Rick Warren’s “Daniel Plan” Doctor Recommends TM [UPDATED]

Besides these concerns, there are other problems with Rick Warren’s gospel. Moriel’s recent Be Alert update explains a few more reasons:

2nd – Rick Warren’s ‘Global Peace Plan’ calling for partnering with worshippers of other gods (whom Moses and Paul both identified in God’s Word as demons) in order to usher in global peace is the anti christ agenda for a false, Christ-less peace that scriptural prophecy predicts and warns against in the last days. It is a public shame and a disgrace for any Christian leader to lend credence to the architect of such a blatantly satanic agenda.
3rd – Rick Warren’s downplay of repentance in his Purpose Driven model is a false gospel. In any New Testament model of the true gospel, repentance is central, not peripheral and a condition of regeneration, not only a post salvation sanctification. The marketing psychology based strategy Rick Warren borrowed from secular marketing entrepreneur, Peter Drucker and various figures involved in New Age “New Thought” drives this point even further.
4th – Rick Warren’s instruction to ignore end time prophecy as a diversion directly contradicts the unambiguous commands of the Lord Jesus in The Olivet Discourse to Be Alert for the signs of His Second Coming. Worse still is Rick Warren’s “cut and paste” style of eisegesis translocating verses between New Testament books to make the text appear to state things it does not is cultic and heretical.
Moriel Be Alert, Mar 31, 2013 Rick Warren

All of the above are valid, biblical reasons why any resources from Rick Warren should be avoided.

Recently Rick Warren revealed more of his purpose driven confidence when he dropped in live and unannounced (uninvited?) on Calvary Chapel’s KWVE radio show, twenty minutes into the Feb 26th Pastor’s Perspective. Chuck Smith was gracious enough to allow to him stay on air where Warren made himself right at home and later went on to brag tweet about it. (See: STUDIO SURPRISE? RICK WARREN POPS IN ON PASTOR’S PERSPECTIVE and CC, Chuck Smith, Rick Warren – Radio Show)

Some say that we should not be so quick to say that this likeable teddy bear pastor is not a Christian brother. They say we should not name him as a false teacher. Some also say that he has repented recently and that he is now “okay”. Is that so? Where? Of what? Has he renounced any of his compromise of the purity of the gospel of Jesus Christ? What about the best selling Purpose Driven Life book that misrepresents and distorts the gospel and misrepresents scripture? (See HERE.) What about Celebrate Recovery’s mixture of biblical teaching and ungodly psychobabble counsel which began at Saddleback Church and is incorporated into more than 3,500 churches today? (See: “A Way Which Seemeth Right…”.) Has he repented for promoting contemplative spiritual formation? Any current search for spiritual formation books promoted on Saddleback’s website will confirm that he has not. If Rick Warren has ‘repented’ of his errors in any of these and/or the church marketing ways (of his mentors Peter Drucker and Robert Schuller), where is the evidence? If he has repented of his past compromise, why will he be sharing the platform with Trinity denier Bishop T.D Jakes and false positive teacher Joel Osteen at the 2013 Hillsong Conference in Sydney Australia (where adults can attend for only $299 each)?

Rick Warren may not be a heretic, but is he a good shepherd? Is it beneficial for churches to follow in his footsteps by using his materials and programs to further spread an impure and muddy gospel? Is it wise for churches to model themselves after the successful marketing and church growth model of a pastor/teacher who continues to join hands with heretics and the world? Is he preaching about the peace that can only come through Jesus Christ, or a mixture of Christianity and his own P.E.A.C.E. Plan (which is eerily similar to the humanistic U.N. Millennial Goals of this world)?

Rick Warren says don’t bother with prophecy. The Bible says that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Rev. 19:10). What does the Spirit say to the churches? Who has an ear to hear?

Related: Rick Warren’s Deception Strikes Widely http://www.bibleguidance.co.za/Engarticles/RickWarren.htm

Purpose-Driven Deception on a Global Scale

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The world, Khamenei said “Is in transition towards a new international order and the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) can and should play a new role.”
He further underlined the need for solidarity among all NAM member-states, saying it was an “obvious necessity” in the current era for establishing this new order.

Source: Khamenei: Time for new world order
As Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi visits Iran for first time since 1979, Tehran’s spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei makes scathing speech against West


The New World Order and Global Spirituality – Conspiracy Theory or Final Warning?

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Watch and learn about the Rise of Global Religion and Religious Universalism from Christian researcher on global issues, Carl Teichrib (www.forcingchange.org), former director of Gary Kah’s ministry.

Global Religion by Carl Teichrib Pt 1/2

Imposing the Cult of Peace is the title for this session:

Global Religion by Carl Teichrib Pt 2/2

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“…instead of asking ‘Does a global conspiracy exist?’ we should really be asking, ‘What are these power-obsessed, ultra-wealthy people actually planning to do and what are the likely consequences for the rest of humanity?’”

Proof of a Conspiracy: Globalists Speak Openly about their Deadly Agenda
By Jeremy James

Towards the One World System

Global Spirituality

While the staging of massive “consciousness raising” events and the teaching of one-world ideals in our schools have all contributed toward building global unity, the level of unity necessary to establish a New World Order would ultimately require cooperation between the world’s major religions. Religious leaders would somehow have to become tolerant of each other’s beliefs, or, at the very least, refrain from denouncing one another’s doctrines. Interfaithism – the concept that all religions are valid and are merely different pathways to God – would have to become the dominant view.

– Gary Kah, The New Religious Order

Most people do not realize that today’s ecumenical movement is an integral part of the broader one-world movement. The seeds for twentieth-century ecumenism were sown in the late 1800s. During that time there was a growing interest in achieving unity for the alleged purpose of building an earthly utopia. Masonically-inspired organizations, ranging from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn to the Theosophical Society, were busy laying the groundwork for the next century, which they hoped might finally usher in their long-awaited new world order.

The New World Religion

“Illuminists” (secret society globalists with occult loyalties) have used the United States as an effective vehicle for building their new world order – for developing technological infrastructure such as communication satellites and the Internet, promoting a syncretic global culture, and funding the UN and its various one-world agendas. But once all the pieces have been put in place, if the US itself does not come into their global system peacefully, to them it will be expendable.

Final Warning?!

See also:

A Chronological History of the New World Order
by D. L. Cuddy, Ph.D.

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