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As the bridges of religious tolerance connect every religion except Christianity, what will this nation be like in 10 years?

“. . . pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Nazi Germany . . . served in the nation that gradually went from a sophisticated, Christian country to a place that persecuted Jews and Christians fighting for freedom from Hitler’s totalitarian regime. Bonhoeffer chose to speak out during the beginning of the rise of the Nazi party and eventually lost his life when things in the country drastically changed in just 10 years’ time.

“The idea of Jews and Christians being not just persecuted, but put to death like Bonhoeffer himself was, was unfathomable . . . You wonder sometimes well why didn’t the Jews see this and move? It was unfathomable to them that in a country like [Germany] that could happen. Same thing here, you think it’s just impossible for that to happen in America. And maybe it is.

“But what we do know is that if we continue down this path that things are not going to get better and that the chance of something really bad beginning to happen where your faith is really constrained or your lives are really in danger becomes a possibility down the road.”

Rick Santorum on Why We May Be ‘One Generation Away’ From Christian Persecution in America


Does the military have a problem with Jesus?


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The following video is about that ‘peaceful’ religion, beheadings, desensitization, and the indoctrination of children in Canada.

In a shocking video of radical Islam in a Canadian school, Toronto-area Islamic Jaffari Centre stages a beheading play for kids . . .




New: Former Marine banned from daughter’s school after dispute over Islam lesson

‘There Is No God But Allah’: Father Pulls Son From School Over Pro-Islam Textbook

Is Islam a religion of peace?
ISLAM | The West’s definition of ‘peace’ differs dramatically from Islam’s

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Wherever evidence rises to the surface that power has bred corruption, a sordid story is always buried somewhere beneath the mud. A year after Chuck Smith passed away, it appears that things have gone amuck in the ministry he left behind. Has ecumenism, power and abuse stained the Calvary Chapel movement that began with one faithful servant? Has the writing been on the wall? See the following links. . . they are not posted here to spread gossip, but rather to call concerned Christians to prayer.

Family of late pastor Chuck Smith sues Calvary Chapel
The lawsuit alleges elder abuse and wrongful takeover of the founding pastor’s property.

Family Members of Late Pastor Chuck Smith Sue Calvary Chapel, Claim Elder Abuse and Wrongful Takeover of His Property

The Ecclesiastical Domino Effect
by James Jacob Prasch

Watch: My brother’s succession plan for Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa


*Tragic Tuesday: Calvary Chapel’s Pastor’s Perspective Counsel that Roman Catholic Confirmation is Not Harmful

*Response to Brian Brodersen’s Remarks on Islam

*Some disturbing issues about Brian Brodersen can be found at the following link (*note: Muddy Streams administration does not necessarily endorse or agree with the views on the following link):


Will Rick Warren Play a Role In Persuading Some Calvary Chapel Pastors To Follow His Lead Towards Ecumenical Evangelicalism?

***NEW: Did Brian Brodersen actually say this?

Brian Head Welch and Todd Bentley–Calvary Chapel says, “He’s Not Backing Those Dudes”–Really?

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It is no surprise to read about YWAM leaders in Switzerland earning their MA in a Spiritual Formation course from the University of the Nations with Renovaré at its core (see: A Public Letter From Renovare Reveals Troubling Connection with YWAM). The effects are already rapidly spreading throughout YWAM worldwide, but it was only a matter of time. Contemplative spirituality has been lurking quietly in this organization for a few years.

For example, on the YWAM Knowledge Base website is a Spiritual Growth Reading List that was compiled in 2010 as part of the ‘Savior Care’ files in ‘Missionary Care,’ which is essentially about the self care of YWAM leaders. Recommended books to read ‘no matter what’ include authors Ruth Haley Barton, Tony Jones, Peter Scazzero and ‘anything Henri Nouwen has written’. Some of the other resources recommended for Spiritual Growth on this list are:

Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas
Come Be My Light by Mother Teresa
The Reflective Life by Ken Gire
Sacred Reading: The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina by Michael Casey
A Guide to Living the Truth: Saint Benedict’s Teaching on Humility by Micheal Casey
A Testament of Devotion by Thomas R. Kelly
Open Heart Open Mind by Thomas Merton

The Way is Made by Walking by Arthur Paul Boers
Letters from the Desert by Carlo Carretto
Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership: Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry by Ruth Haley Barton
The Contemplative Pastor by Eugene Peterson
Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation by Palmer Parker
The Poems of St. John of the Cross

Another way that contemplative spiritual formation may be influencing YWAM leaders is through various retreat centers. Since 2010, YWAM Canada (based in Vancouver, B.C.) has been promoting retreat centers that specialize in ecumenical contemplative spirituality (see: Retreat Centers @ http://www.ywamvancouver.org). One of the retreat centers YWAM recommends is the Mennonite Brethren affiliated Mark Centre. In fact, the founder of Youth With A Mission himself, Loren Cunningham, recently wrote the foreword in a new contemplative training resource written by the Mark Centre directors (see: What Will Ears Hear in The Mark Centre’s New Book?). The Mark Centre’s overriding goal
 and strategy is “To serve thousands who will inspire millions to embrace a lifestyle of listening to God” through contemplative spirituality (see: The Mark Centre and Silent Prayer – Strategy to Affect Millions). Will YWAM, with their worldwide influence, achieve that same goal?

There are just as many theological problems within YWAM as there are sincere young Christians with good intentions, but now a dangerous dose of contemplative spirituality has been added to the mixture. Pray for this Christian organization and others who may be leading sincere disciples of Jesus over the contemplative bridge back to Rome.

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Something to chew on . . .

Is Your Church Worship More Pagan than Christian?

There is a great misunderstanding in churches of the purpose of music in Christian worship. Churches routinely advertise their “life-changing” or “dynamic” worship that will “bring you closer to God” or “change your life.” Certain worship CD’s promise that the music will “enable you to enter the presence of God.”

Read this thought provoking article here:


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As the seeds sown in the emergent mud bear fruit…

You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Matthew 7:16


Bart Campolo announcing he is agnostic does not surprise most people. After all, his father Tony Campolo is the head of Red Letter Christians, an Emergent Church founder of a model based on “did God really say” approach to truth being relative.

No, what is interesting (and the reason we share this here), is the words Bart uses to describe his departure from faith Christianity belief …his tribe.

Read more here:



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Brian McLaren Leads Commitment Ceremony At Son’s Same-Sex Wedding

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