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Clear as a Bell

A powerful message of truth that rings clear as a bell in a world of muddy deception and injustice…

*Special thanks to Can This Powerful Song Change the Hearts of Abortion Supporters? at PJ Media.


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America’s Foundations Are Being Destroyed: What Can the Righteous Do?
By Jan Markell
November 30, 2009

A controversy has broken out between two sides over a serious issue. It concerns The Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience, which has been in the works for months and released just prior to Thanksgiving. Allow me to present the case the signers are making for this Declaration and then share concerns that others have who will not sign it….

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*See why Alistair Begg did not sign this declaration but still respects those who have, here:


*See why Jacob Prasch cannot sign this declaration, here:


*See why Cecil Andrews cannot sign this declaration, here:

‘The Manhattan Declaration’
Why faithful Christians SHOULD NOT sign it.



Manhattan Declaration: “Perhaps Millions” Being Led Toward the New Age/New Spirituality

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