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What does this muddy mixture have in common?

A minister in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, an archdeacon of an Anglican Cathedral, a reverend of a Presbyterian Church, contemplative prayer, Buddhism, mindfulness meditation, centering prayer, and brain-expanding practices?

Read all about it, here (the article may be a year old but still relevant):

Prayer research opens fresh frontiers of spiritual practice


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The former member of a very popular Christian music group wastes no time opening her talk at her church with quotes from Richard Rohr (Franciscan priest of contemplative mystic theology who has taught the equality of Buddha with Christ and the indwelling of God in all things[1]) and Madeleine L’Engle (believed in universal salvation[2]) and Aldous Huxley (humanist whose spiritual interests were parapsychology mysticism and universalism [3]).

In the voice of an angel, with appealing words and songs with perfect pitch and harmony, she tells her story. Initially saved by an invitation to escape hell, the lovely singer with a voice of honey has changed her narrow misconceptions for untruths. It happened after disappointments, trials and sorrows coupled with doubts, that she started reading books. She read Brian McLaren (false teacher[4] who will be visiting her church), Richard Rohr, Thomas Merton (contemplative mystic/panentheist[5]) and Phyllis Tickle (has false views about the Bible, the gospel, nature of God and the Trinity[6] who will also be visiting her church). After accepting their words as truth, this lovely musician concluded that fear based approach to spirituality doesn’t work, and that the most devastating fear is the fear of God. Now, she says, everything belongs (Rohr), and love always wins (Bell). Freed from fear, she is now an open and inclusive pastor and mom who leads worship. The songs of comfort they will be singing from now are centered on how we belong and how we are beloved. The theme of the old hymn Amazing Grace is to be pitied, because we are not wretches. The core of who we are is not unworthiness. Those are old fearful concepts.

But fear not, this changed worship leader has written a lovely new song based on a quote by Julian of Norwich, a universalist and mystic[7] who engaged in meditation to identify with Christ’s suffering, praying and striving to experience fear and bodily pain to achieve union with Christ in many visions. The following Julian of Norwich quote is not quite as pleasant as the one which the new worship song is based on.

“In this sickness I wanted to have every kind of pain, bodily an spiritual, which I should have if I were dying, every fear and assault from devils and every other kind of pain except the departure of the spirit, for I hoped that this would be profitable to me when I should die, because I desired soon to be with my God” -Julian of Norwich, pg 24, Julian of Norwich’s “Showings”: From Vision to Book by Denise Nowakowski Baker [8]

The choice of this fear craving mystic seems somewhat ironic, especially after this worship leader has just insisted that fear based approach to spirituality doesn’t work.[9]

Wrapping up her lulling talk, the pastoress of worship finishes with a prayerful assurance that Jesus told great stories, but it is our stories of our journeys that make God’s grand story.

Watch the half hour sermonette here:

IF: Gathering Leader/Pastor Melissa Greene—A Female Version of McLaren, Bell, Rohr, and Merton

Why should this presentation be a concern to North American Christians? Recently, this pastoress has also been given a far reaching platform at other events. Please consider the following questions:

Is this the voice of truth?
What muddy streams of spirituality lurk beneath the perfect pitch and crystal clear harmony of this message?
Who is being influenced by, and accepting, this nice sounding message?
Isn’t universalism and inclusiveness at odds with the Bible?
Can Satan use beautiful things (people, music, words) to draw people into deception?
Is this part of the greater plan of the emerging church network’s agenda for the new kind of inclusive gospel-free spirituality to invade Christianity?
If so, aren’t all those involved in this muddy message… deceivers?

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.
2 Cor. 11: 13-15


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[9] For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. 1 Cor. 14:33


Was Satan in charge of music in Heaven?

Was Lucifer originally an angel of worship?

***NEW: (MAY 8, 2015)

Melissa Greene
Melissa Greene is the pastor of worship and arts at GracePointe Church in Franklin, Tennessee. The church made national headlines in January of 2015 as senior pastor, Stan Mitchell, declared his church now accepts homosexual marriage.12
When I pull up Greene’s website, I immediately notice the picture of her sitting in a Yoga position. In a May 25th, 2014 message on her website titled “Worth,” Greene admits to reading emerging church pioneer Brian McLaren’s book, A Generous Orthodoxy (and McLaren spoke at GracePointe in the fall of 2014). Greene favorably quotes other prolific New Spirituality names: Phyllis Tickle, Richard Rohr, Frederick Buechner, Rob Bell, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Thomas Merton, Peter Gomes, Aldous Huxley—a list that reads like a veritable who’s who in emergent and contemplative heresy.
In “Worth,” Greene declares that, “Christianity is broad and diverse.”13 Considering that many of her influences accept all religions as being of God, there is no doubt to what she means when she states this. Greene also made the audacious statement: “The most devastating fear in people’s lives is the fear of God.”14 She attempts to validate her statement by taking verses out of context and misapplying them.

SOURCE: IF it is of God—Answering the questions of IF:Gathering

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Is it any surprise to read that the Church of England’s former Archbishop (aka *arch-heretic pagan Druid) of Canterbury, Rowan Williams uses Buddhist prayer techniques?

Rowan Williams: how Buddhism helps me pray
Former Archbishop of Canterbury reveals intense daily meditation ritual influenced by Buddhism and Orthodox mysticism
The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Williams has disclosed that he spends up to 40 minutes a day squatting and repeating an Eastern Orthodox prayer while performing breathing exercises as part of a routine influenced by Buddhism.
He also spends time pacing slowly and repeatedly prostrating himself as part of an intense early morning ritual of silent meditation and prayer.
The normally private former Archbishop has given a glimpse of his personal devotions in an article for the New Statesman explaining the power of religious ritual in an increasingly secular world.
Lord Williams has spoken in the past about how in his youth he contemplated becoming a monk as well as joining the Orthodox church. . .

More here:


*Archbishop – or Arch-heretic?

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Addressing visiting guest, the Dalai Lama,” as His Holiness, Emory University is the latest college to abandon Christ by embracing Eastern religions for the sole purpose of uniting the world toward global peace. In its class, Secular Ethics 101, instead of looking at ethics and morality through a purely worldly way apart from Christ, the college has found a more universal way to get everyone on board: Eastern meditation through a Buddhist practice, “Lojong.” Lojong is simply guided meditation that instructs students to, ”Find the consciousness you had before you were born” and “Treat everything you perceive as a dream.”

Recently the Dalai Lama himself came to address the university…

More here:


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Heretical Swindler Yongee Cho Convicted of Financial Corruption in Korean Court

For years following publication of his demonic book “The Fourth Dimension” Moriel has warned of David Yongee Cho , the Korean pastor who combines Kenneth Copeland style word-faith heresy with Oriental Shammanism and occult visualization techniques claiming “Buddhists and Hindus have known his formula for centuries but now Jesus Christ has revealed it to him”. Cho’s ‘formula’ is the bogus notion of Eastern mysticism that the human imagination is one’s spirit. His corrupted pseudo theology was a combination of “blab it and grab it” of the money preaching tele-evangelists, gnosticism, and Shammanism.

Many ignorant and un-discerning people in the West were impressed by Cho due to the size of his church when in fact anyone who has spent much time in Hong Kong or Macau realizes that there are far larger visualization cults in Asia than his.

Cho received a three year custodial sentence but the jail time was suspended (allegedly under social and political pressure) while his son will be imprisoned in the $21 million scam that illegally overpriced stock and sold it to the church, defrauding the congregation Cho pastored, in order to recover personal losses from another equities deal.

No one should be surprised. Most heretical preachers are swindlers and always have been.



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The Bible is no longer allowed in our schools but new age Buddhist mindfulness meditation is – as long as it is emptied of all religious implications and classified as mind science. Thanks to Goldie Hawn and her foundation, this is now being introduced to school children everywhere in the form of a new curriculum called The MindUp Program.

Is it not ironic that Buddhist techniques are being taught to children in the same schools where the Bible has been banned? Meanwhile, it’s said that this is not a religious curriculum, even though its founder has drawn her ideas from Buddhism.

The following is a segment from a 60 minute interview Goldie Hawn by Mike Wallace:

MIKE WALLACE: Between love scenes and raising kids, Goldie is always on the go. This is her in India where she takes part in local rituals like this one, called the Festival of Colours. It may look bizarre, but her interest in things mystical and spiritual is serious. She’s practised meditation for 30 years now and she’s converted to Buddhism.

GOLDIE HAWN: I’ve been practising Buddhism for a while, so I call myself a Jew-Bu because my tribe is still Jew, but my philosophy and my practice is really Buddhist.

MIKE WALLACE: And Buddhism does what for you?

GOLDIE HAWN: Well, Buddhism is really, in a sense, one of its main practices is understanding and really experiencing compassion and how that ultimately is a road to happiness.

Golden Girl (2005)

Today the golden girl of Hollywood is bringing her Buddhist philosophies to children in schools everywhere.

Parents, do you know if the Mind Up curriculum is being implemented into your child’s classroom this fall?

The following excerpt from the Women of Grace blog is food for thought:

Did you ever notice how the separation of church and state never applies to any religion except Christianity?
This is certainly the case for Goldie Hawn’s new program. A Jew who is also a practicing Buddhist, Hawn became involved in Eastern philosophy during the Ravi Shankar days of the early 70′s. Her Hawn Institute is pushing Buddhist techniques and mindfulness training in public schools. The program, called MindUP™, is described on the Hawn Institute website as “a comprehensive social and emotional learning program for pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade students, and is informed by current research in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, mindful education, social and emotional learning, positive psychology, and evidence-based teaching practices.”
But underneath all the scientific sounding language is nothing more than good-old fashioned Buddhism…
…Hawn has linked up with Scholastic, which is the U.S. publisher of Harry Potter books and the purveyor of many materials and programs in public schools. It is also being popularized in the West by personalities such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, a Zen Buddhist and University of Massachusetts researcher who created the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program which introduced it into the medical establishment, and Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk and bestselling author.
Can you imagine what would happen if we suggested that public school children be allowed to meditate on the life of Christ for five minutes every morning before classes begin? God forbid!
The bottom line is that parents of children in public schools should no longer assume that classrooms are religion-neutral, because this is no longer true. Eastern meditation and techniques such as yoga and tai chi are making their way into our schools – and bringing a taste for eastern religions right along with them.

Goldie Hawn Pushing TM and Buddhism in Public Schools

Read the entire article at the above link. For further research, see these important pieces:

Atheist forces change in policy over the distribution of Gideon Bibles in Canadian schools

Meditation in the classroom, the new approach to ’emotional learning’
Canadian schools in forefront of adding psychology to the curriculum

August 22, 2012

Goldie Hawn’s Mind Up program Introduced into Albuquerque Public School
August 13, 2013

Albuquerque Public Schools puts an end to Goldie Hawn’s program!!

Mother upset over school-wide meditation program
McKinley Middle School has plans to offer program, created by Goldie Hawn

Hindus laud actress Goldie Hawn for introducing meditation in many American schools
February 18, 2012

New Age/Buddhist “mindfulness” invading preschools and public grade schools nationwide – including Canton, Ohio’s Plain Local School District
March 22, 2013

By Marcia Montenegro*
January 2012

Ancient Practices for Youth Will Help Unite World Religions

*One last thought: If even the Buddhists and those experienced in meditation practices admit there can be danger lurking in the realms of meditation, is the MindUp curriculum really something that inexperienced teachers should be teaching children in their classrooms? See here:

Dangerous Meditation?

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US Military to Embrace Eastern Religion

U.S. military ready to embrace eastern religion? [Excerpts]

While Bible-based Christianity is increasingly under attack in the U.S. military, at least one branch of America’s armed forces appears ready to embrace eastern religion practices.

The U.S. Marine Corps is studying how to make its troops even tougher through meditative practices, yoga-type stretching and exercises based on mindfulness.

The School Infantry-West at Camp Pendleton will offer the eight-week course starting Tuesday to about 80 Marines as part of an ongoing experiment.

Marine Corps officials say they will build a curriculum that would integrate mindfulness-based techniques into their training if they see positive results. Mindfulness is a Buddhist-inspired concept that emphasizes active attention on the moment to keep the mind in the present…

More here:


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