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No exams on Wiccan, Pagan holidays at University of Missouri?

Students at University of Missouri don’t need to cram for exams that fall on Wiccan and Pagan holidays, now that the school has put them on par with Christmas, Thanksgiving and Hanukah.
The university’s latest “Guide to Religions: Major Holidays and Suggested Accommodations” — designed to help faculty know when and when not to schedule exams and other student activities — lists eight Wiccan and Pagan holidays and events right alongside more mainstream occasions. It’s all part of the school’s effort to include everyone’s beliefs, although some critics say listing every holiday associated with fringe belief systems is a bit much.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/02/17/university-missouri-guide-asks-professors-to-accommodate-wiccan-pagan-holidays/#ixzz2LGn1vwE4


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US Military to Embrace Eastern Religion

U.S. military ready to embrace eastern religion? [Excerpts]

While Bible-based Christianity is increasingly under attack in the U.S. military, at least one branch of America’s armed forces appears ready to embrace eastern religion practices.

The U.S. Marine Corps is studying how to make its troops even tougher through meditative practices, yoga-type stretching and exercises based on mindfulness.

The School Infantry-West at Camp Pendleton will offer the eight-week course starting Tuesday to about 80 Marines as part of an ongoing experiment.

Marine Corps officials say they will build a curriculum that would integrate mindfulness-based techniques into their training if they see positive results. Mindfulness is a Buddhist-inspired concept that emphasizes active attention on the moment to keep the mind in the present…

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The Christian & Missionary Alliance Pacific District wants you to know about a conference this April 11 at Broadway Church, Vancouver, B.C. The Emotionally Healthy Leadership Conference is led by Peter Scazzero, pastor of a Christian and Missionary Alliance church in Queens, New York. The ad asks church leaders:

What if you could find the missing pieces to healthy leadership?

The Emotionally Healthy Leadership Conference is designed to help you discover a unique approach toward implementing a revolutionary discipleship paradigm into your life as a leader, your family and the leadership of your local church or organization.
Join Peter Scazzero, live, as he brings his powerful Emotionally Healthy Leadership Conference to two cities in Canada with the help of The Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada.


Promotions for this conference (which is also April 9 in Windsor, Ontario (Lakeshore St. Andrew’s) can also be found at Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada and at Emotionally Healthy Leadership Conference (Canada), where Session 3 is described:

Session 3: Leadership and the Contemplative Tradition
This session will also address the indispensable place of contemplative spirituality (e.g. silence, solitude) so that we develop a rhythm of life that enables us to joyfully serve Christ. In particular, we will look at the Daily Office, Sabbath-keeping and a “Rule of Life” as key spiritual formation disciplines. This session will also provide time for conference participants to ponder the “blizzard” of their lives and the kind of changes they need to make in order to nurture a growing spirituality in our own lives out of which they can lead their churches well.


Focus on the Family Canada is also very excited to let you know about this conference:

“We want to personally recommend this excellent, strategic training to you and the pastors and leaders that you serve.”


In the following interview with Trappist Monk Fr. William Meninger (whose bio can be read at http://www.contemplativeprayer.net/), Peter Scazzero continues to help his church learn from the Trappist monks and contemplative traditions.

Pete Scazzero Interviewing a Trappist Monk on Prayer

*Published on Jan 29, 2013

Fr. William Meninger is a key figure in the modern contemplative prayer movement and the launching of centering prayer, which is why we see contemplative prayer being practiced in the Christian church today.

According to http://www.contemplativeoutreach.org, “Centering Prayer is drawn from ancient prayer practices of the Christian contemplative heritage, notably the Fathers and Mothers of the Desert, Lectio Divina, (praying the scriptures), The Cloud of Unknowing, St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila. It was distilled into a simple method of prayer in the 1970’s by three Trappist monks, Fr. William Meninger, Fr. Basil Pennington and Abbot Thomas Keating at the Trappist Abbey, St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts.” It should be added, “During the twenty years (1961-1981) when Keating was abbot, St. Joseph’s held dialogues with Buddhist and Hindu representatives, and a Zen master gave a week-long retreat to the monks. A former Trappist monk who had become a Transcendental Meditation teacher also gave a session to the monks.” 5


How much deeper into the muddy waters of contemplative spiritual practices will Christian organizations like these be willing to send their LEADERS?


Scazzero Scares Me
The Bridge across the Tiber back to Home Sweet Rome is now open for traffic

By Orrel Steinkamp

Emotional Healthy Spirituality and Willow Creek Partner to Spread Contemplative Spirituality





Contemplative Spirituality – the Source of the Catholic Church’s Expansion

Previously blogged here:

Christian Missionary Alliance and Focus on the Family Canada leading Christians across the Contemplative Bridge

The Trappist Bridge to Rome

Practicing Silence

Slow Down and get Centered this Christmas says Scazzero

Scazzeros Spread Contemplative Spirituality at C&MA Conference

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Commentary by Roger Oakland

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, students in public schools cannot be indoctrinated with any specific religious belief. Education must be religiously neutral. However, it can be documented that when children are being introduced to yoga and witchcraft in public schools, parents are told not be alarmed.

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Ambrose University College Seminary of the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) is a merger of the Christian & Missionary Alliance and The Church of the Nazarene. Not only have they recently been teaching their students ancient Roman Catholic contemplative spirituality, Ambrose’s lecturers show us another area where they appear to be straying from the purity of the gospel. Their recent past speakers have included substituitonary atonement denier William Young (The Shack) and the radical Tony Campolo (see here).

Last February, Ambrose had a lecturer named David Fitch, who, among other things, discussed the significant strengths of some emergent leaders like false teacher Brian McLaren. The following quotes are from Fitch’s blog:

“People like Borg. McLaren, and the Emergent church in general do a marvelous job of capturing this aspect of what God has done in Jesus Christ for the world”…
“People like Brian McLaren…and Marcus Borg have opened up (in their popular writings) the fullness of the incarnation in ways rarely accessible in the past to Christians in N America.”


Does Fitch know it was Marcus Borg of The Jesus Seminar who wrote:

“I let go of the notion that the Bible is a divine product. I learned that it is a human cultural product, the product of two ancient communities, biblical Israel and early Christianity. As such, it contained their understandings and affirmations, not statements coming directly or somewhat directly from God…. I realized that whatever “divine revelation” and the “inspiration of the Bible” meant (if they meant anything), they did not mean that the Bible was a divine product with divine authority.”

“Jesus almost certainly was not born of a virgin, did not think of himself as the Son of God, and did not see his purpose as dying for the sins of the world.”

– Borg, The God We Never Knew

Do these speakers and lecturers teach biblical truth? What is their influence? What is the purpose of Ambrose for inviting them? Does Ambrose expose their students to these types of teachers to teach them to use discernment… or to confuse them with a muddy mixture of truth and error?

1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. 2 And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.
2 Peter 2:1,2

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