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World AIDS Day: Bono’s ONE Campaign, NIV Bible Publisher Team Up to Reach 1 Million American Christians

The ONE Campaign, founded by Bono, and Biblica, the publisher of the NIV Bible, are teaming up in an effort to help 1 million American Christians seek a cure for AIDS and expand AIDS prevention using Jesus Christ’s teachings as found in the Bible.
“Through this partnership with ONE and Biblica’s own global church and individual networks, we hope to expose over a million people in church to this life-saving message,” Biblica’s chief executive officer Carl A. Moeller told The Christian Post. “We decided to get involved with this project when we were contacted by ONE leadership to help connect World AIDS Day (Monday, December 1) with an Advent message.
“The central message of Advent is the eternal hope that we have in the coming of Jesus – and the healing life He brings – our partnership with ONE will help get this message out even further.”



But. . . is Bono a Christian or are many being deceived? Is the ONE Campaign part of the one world end times deception?

Please see:

U2′s Bono, Unorthodox Superman

ONE world, ONE faith, ONE plan


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Why is World Vision Canada promoting a ‘how to’ book about The Rule of St. Benedict, spiritual disciplines and monastic life?

Wonderful summer read: God in My Everything

Buzz grows around Ken Shigematsu’s new book, God in My Everything

God in My Everything, How Ancient Rhythm Helps Busy People Enjoy God (Zondervan) is written by Ken Shigematsu, senior pastor at Tenth Church (www.tenth.ca) in Vancouver, British Columbia. In the book he shares the ancient wisdom of the spiritual masters, from his samurai ancestors to the practices of monks in Ireland. To read more about what his book is about, click HERE to read a review by Brave Reviews, or watch the following video…

Not only is World Vision Canada promoting contemplative spiritual formation through this book, they have also been promoting Red Letter Christian Tony Campolo and New Monastic progressive Shane Claiborne and their social justice, reinforcing World Vision’s apparent anti-Israel leanings:

The Red Letters

And Shane Claiborne: Choose Justice DVD and Conversation Guide
Featuring Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo


Shane Claiborne Headlines Spring Tour

Much more could be said but it’s been clear for a while now that, even though they do a lot of good in the world, the gospel of World Vision appears to have been muddied by the change agents of progressive Christianity.

Also previously posted:

World Vision presents Tony Campolo!



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The Wild Goose Festival is over, and we’ve had time to examine the aftermath. Here’s what we’ve found.

What we now know about last weekend’s festival is that…

“Topics were diverse, and ranged from immigration reform, Christian universalism, and embracing your political “other,” to the theology of beer and rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians debate.”
Favorite Moments from the Goose: Snapshots from the Wild Goose Festival 2012

We also learned that in attendance were…

“those who identify as Eastern Orthodox, Messianic Jews, a Salvationist (member of the Salvation Army), Mennonites, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Catholics, Episcopalians, Anglicans, Evangelicals, Independents, Baptists (of various stripes), United Church of Christ, Quakers, house churchers, as well as those who identify as “seekers,” pagans, and agnostics… (and) many people from across the sexual orientation spectrum.”
Wild Goose 2012: Jesus, Bayard Rustin, & Walter Wink Live!

Also observed is that the Wild Goose Festival was a platform for new and controversial books, such as Torn: Rescuing the Gospel From the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate by Justin Lee, who was there to promote his book about how the issue of how Gay Christians is tearing the church apart. It’s published by Jericho Books (jerichobooks.com), a  new publisher providing a “space for non-traditional voices to express fresh perspectives on today’s culture and to reflect on the growing changes in the Church.” (Their other authors include Brian McLaren, Shane Hipps, and Jay Bakker.)

Another Wild Goose Festival promotion was a book called The Gospel of Rutba (www.thegospelofrutba.com), the story of Christians and Muslims uniting on humanity’s common ground (Foreword by Desmond Tutu, Afterword by Shane Claiborne).

Regarding this ‘other gospel,’ contemplative Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, who compared his Wild Goose Festival experience to Finney’s open air revivals in the late 19th century, shared…

“an invitation to take the gospel of Rutba with us and live it wherever we are.”
Sharing Stories at the Wild Goose Festival

This ‘gospel’ includes such suggestions as using your equity to help someone who’s considered “illegal” to buy a home; visiting a church, mosque, or synagogue outside of your own faith tradition; or reading a book by a Muslim author. Tell that to the folks in Dearborn, Michigan.

The person who introduced the Gospel of Rutba at the Wild Goose Festival was none other than Shane Claiborne (see this video).

Over at Jim Wallis’s blog we read this understatement…

“Shane Claiborne call us into the kind of sacred mischief that might undermine the principalities and powers.”
Heat, Hope, & Hootenanny: The Holy Spirit Gets Cooking At Wild Goose

In the article at the above link we read as well that…

“Sojourners’ chief-executive-trouble-maker Jim Wallis borrowed lessons from coaching little league baseball and welcomed us back to the enchantment of our youth when a lion named Aslan whispered in our ears…. as Wallis, one of the festival’s founding visionaries reminded us, The Lion is always there to guide us, to whisper in our ears—and call us back to future Wild Goose Festivals.


Someone might remind Mr. Wallis that our adversary the devil also walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8).

Speaking of Obama’s spiritual adviser Wallis, is it any coincidence that some of Obama’s campaign people came to the Wild Goose Festival? Their visit was supposedly in order to …

“see for themselves that there are religious folks who care about progress and justice. Judging from the numerous Probama bumper stickers in the parking lot, the campaign reps found their peeps.”
10 Things I Learned at the Wild Goose Festival

It was only a few days ago that Wild Goose participant and Obama supporter Frank Schaeffer stated:

“I can’t fix the world, but I can go down fighting that Obama can get re-elected,” he exclaimed to eager applause. He proclaimed, “I think he’s one of the greatest presidents that America has ever had!”
Frank Schaeffer: Obama “One of the Greatest Presidents America Has Ever Had”

Schaeffer’s recent tweets confirm this:

Frank Schaeffer
Wild Goose Festival wonderful, spoke yesterday and again today, Obama team came from DC great to meet them

Frank Schaeffer
talked with Obama teem about what I/we can do to help reelection

While at the Wild Goose Festival, Schaeffer also watched the sneak preview of the soon to be released movie “Hellbound,” while celebrating his 42nd wedding anniversary with paper cups full of beer in the “beer and hymns” tent (see Wild Goose Heaven Our Answer to Hate, Huffington Post).

Beer & Hymn Sing

This was predictable, as Hellbound’s producer Kevin Miller recently said…

Four of the Hellbound? “cast” will be there: Frank Schaeffer, Michael Hardin, Brad Jersak and Brian McLaren. Not to mention Raborn Johnson of Beyond the Box podcast. And none of them will be roped off in a VIP section with all the bigwigs. They’ll be camping out just like everyone else. And I highly doubt any of them has ever said no to a free beer. (Well, perhaps Frank did in his former life…) So here’s your chance to get chummy.
Four More Reasons to go to the Wild Goose Festival This June

And as the weekend unfolded, we also read with dismay about…

“The indefatigable Jim Wallis of Sojourners Magazine smiling and leaning in close to tell me about this past week’s success in galvanizing Evangelical leaders (from Focus on the Family, most notably) and therefore Republican politicians in DC, around immigration reform … “it’s about meeting on higher ground, not moral ground…” ”
Favorite Moments from the Goose: Snapshots from the Wild Goose Festival 2012

One similarity about these Wild Goose Festival reports is that much is being said about the speakers, the beer, the new kind of Christianity, another gospel, and the new way to do church – but no one talks about Jesus Christ who is the Head of the Church. (One such example of this is the commentary over at the Darkwood Brew blog called When I was Dead: Reflection on the Wild Goose Festival.)

This is because the new kind of Christian wants another kind of Jesus, which is why it’s not surprising to see that even the Urantia Community (cult) likes the entire unbiblical premise of the Wild Goose Festival, since the Urantia Book presents a Jesus that is also not the same as the Bible…

I think these types of festivals are the future of how we as Urantia Book readers learn to come out of the closet as followers of Jesus in the greater community of the world. These open minded Christians will be happy to hear the good news. The more the merrier so lets get some tickets purchased and head out on the road of eternal adventure and endless discovery
Wild Goose Festival 2012

On the last day of the 2012 Wild Goose Festival, the Sunday morning worship call was a circus like march to When the Saints Come Marching In.

The closing song to the weekend was a performance of what Ken Silva calls “that classic hymn “Purple Rain”” which can be seen here:


All of the above seems to clearly demonstrate the departure from the simplicity and purity of the gospel (2 Cor. 3,4) and the faith once delivered to the saints (Jude 1:3). After examining the Wild Goose droppings, it has become only more clear which direction the goslings are being led and what kind of tainted muddy waters they are feeding in.


* Other Eye Opening Reports on the Wild Goose Festival:

Wild Goslings Honk for Environmentalism

“Wild Goose” Gets an Education

Role Playing at Wild Goose

Quack Christianity at the Wild Goose

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Frank Schaeffer: Conspiracy Theorist?


Emergent Christians Warn against the Bible’s “Loaded Guns”


Christians and Muslims in Dangerous Dialog...
Their God is NOT Our God!

Wild Goose Droppings 1 (2011)

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White House pushing churches to be ‘green’?
See what else Obama’s faith adviser is nudging
By Aaron Klein

The “greenest” church on the planet? Scripture as it relates to the Palestinians? Fighting American “racial injustice”?

Meet the latest addition to President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, a White House group already replete with advocates for using religion to advance “social justice.”

In January, Obama named to his faith council Lynne Hybels, a leader of Willow Creek Church, an inter-denominational, multi-generational megachurch located in a Chicago suburb.

The church is led by Hybels’ husband, Bill, a social justice advocate who created the Global Leadership Summit, an international Christian group.

Read more here:



The Church of Climate Change: Here Comes the Green Shepherd

Environmentalism: The Newest Paganism?

A Greener Spirit: Evangelicals Embrace “Creation Care”

Sojourners Founder Jim Wallis’ Revolutionary Anti-Christian “Gospel”

Also see Signs of the Times and articles at Olive Press.

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Forcing Social & Spiritual Change through UN/US Healthcare

The elite founders of the United Nations shared a common vision for planetary management. But that vision includes some disturbing similarities to George Orwell’s familiar novel, 1984. Remember its deceptive promises: “War is PEACE. Freedom is SLAVERY. Ignorance is STRENGTH.”

Similar lies permeate today’s national and international agencies. For example, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights promises “the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion,” as well as “freedom of opinion and expression” and freedom “to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” But its authors didn’t really mean it. The overriding condition in Article 29 turn all the promises upside down:

“these rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.”[4]

In other words, we have no real “freedom” in the eyes of the UN. The promised “rights” don’t apply to those who would exercise their “free speech” and criticize the UN or its policies. Every privilege would be conditioned on compliance. As Andrei Vishinsky wrote in The Law of the Soviet State, “There can be no place for freedom of speech, press, and so on for the foes of socialism.”[5]

More here:



Rick Warren’s New Health and Wellness Initiative could have profound repercussions on many

3-Legged “Health” Care
The Agenda of Rick Warren’s “Daniel Plan”

Rick Warren’s New Age Health Gurus
Part 1 in a 3-part series

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Brannon Howse nicely explains and summarizes how the many streams are coming together under the bridge of religion through Rick Warren who is giving people “water bottles on the way to hell.”

Watch here:


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Recent concerns that World Vision Canada is supporting the emerging social gospel have now been confirmed as can be seen in their latest promotion of change agent Tony Campolo.


“Love Changes Everything: Living with Passion to Change the World” With Dr. Tony Campolo.

As a media commentator on religious, social and political matters and author of 35 books, Dr. Campolo is one of North America’s most respected Christian communicators.

Come hear Dr. Campolo at a location near you:

Thursday February 10
Bayview Glen Church (Christian and Missionary Alliance)
300 Steeles Avenue East, Markham
7:30 pm

Friday February 11
The Embassy of the Kingdom of God (Pentecostal)
416 Taunton Road West, Oshawa
7:30 pm

Saturday February 12
Redeemer Bible Church
(Affiliated with Associated Gospel Churches of Canada)
3017 Montrose Road, Niagara Falls
7:30 pm

Sunday February 13
Carruthers Creek Community Church
(Affiliated with Associated Gospel Churches of Canada)
599 Bayly Street East, Ajax
10:00 am


The ad mentions that further questions can be addressed to World Vision. Hopefully their supporters will ask why they would promote someone like Tony Campolo, who has made some very controversial, muddy statements. For example:

Tony Campolo’s hope of earthly perfection mocks the Biblical promise of eternal life:

“The gospel is not about… pie-in-the-sky when they die…. It is imperative that the up and coming generation recognize that the biblical Jesus was committed to the realization of a new social order in this world…. Becoming a Christian, therefore, is a call to social action.”[9]

[Source: Treason in the Church: Trading Truth for a “Social Gospel”

“On a recent edition of CNN’s Crossfire, Tony Campolo refused to say Jesus is the only way to heaven. The panel was discussing events at the Southern Baptist Convention in Atlanta. Campolo would not answer the question directly but said, “The Apostle Paul says that there are people who have light that is not Christian light, and they will be judged on that basis.”

In an earlier appearance on PBS’s Charlie Rose, Campolo muddied theological waters by stating, “I am saying that there is no salvation apart from Jesus; that’s my evangelical mindset. However, I am not convinced that Jesus only lives in Christians” (National Liberty Journal, 8/99). ”

[Source: TONY CAMPOLO Interfaith … Here We Come!

I’m not convinced that Jesus only lives in Christians.”
[Source: Tony Campolo
Charlie Rose show on January 24, 1997]

More muddy quotes:


To read about related concerns regarding World Vision and the emerging social gospel, see these:

World Vision Promotes Emerging Leader, Brian McLaren

Book Review: The Hole in Our Gospel (by World Vision’s Richard Stearns)

Also see:

Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo is Speaking His Mind
About Mysticism, Interspirituality and More


*NEW: Note: Tony Campolo’s pathway of choice had led him to accept homosexuality in the church:
Tony Campolo Comes Out of Closet in Support of ‘Full Acceptance’ of Homosexuality in Church

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