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A Historical Analysis of Mysticism: Part II
Catholic and Buddhist Spirituality in the Context of the 16th through 21st Centuries
by Scott Noble
 Nov 9, 2013

Many predators use camouflage to sneak up on unsuspecting prey. The Arctic Owl, in addition to being an extremely silent flier, has white feathers to blend in with its snowy surroundings. If it were a noisy flier with neon orange feathers, it would have a hard time sinking its talons into a potential meal. The doctrines of demons are often camouflaged as well, so as to hide the potential danger from their target audience. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” (I Peter 5:8)
Many people in the church today, in an attempt to live the victorious Christian life, are turning to the Catholic mystics for guidance and revival. Who are these people, and in what direction do their lives point? This paper will take a look at the lives and teachings of seven mystics, aka contemplatives of the past five centuries: Ignatius of Loyola (AD 1491-1556), Teresa of Avila (AD 1515-1582), John of the Cross (AD 1542-1591), “Brother” Lawrence (AD ca. 1614-1691), Madame Jeanne Guyon (AD 1648-1717), Thérèse of Lisieux (AD 1873-1897), and “Mother” Teresa of Calcutta (AD 1910-1997), as well as three recent popes, and a few events in Asia related to Buddhism.

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Recipe for Shipwreck: Misguided Endorsements of Madame Guyon’s Works
by Scott Noble 
Dec 13, 2013

Madame Guyon (AD 1648-1717), whose books are riddled with shallow, jagged rocks, capable of shipwrecking the unwary traveler, was endorsed, to one degree or another, by many respected leaders of the past, such as Count Zinzendorf, John Wesley, Adoniram Judson, Charles Spurgeon, A.W. Tozer, Watchman Nee, and others. How could all of these men possibly be wrong? That’s really not the right question, since only the Bible is our infallible guide. In our own day and age, many evangelical leaders endorse the life of “Mother” Teresa, in spite of the fact that many of her mystical practices and doctrinal statements undermine biblical beliefs and spirituality.

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Rick Warren’s New Book, The Daniel Plan, Receives Media Blitz—But Book Does Double-Speak on Eastern-Style Meditation

On Sunday, December 1st, 32 million homes (and 63 million readers)1 in America received the following issue of Parade newspaper-insert magazine… The subtitle on the cover of this issue of the “most widely read magazine in America”2 reads: Rick Warren—One of America’s most influential pastors delivers a life-changing message on the connection between getting healthy and doing good. You’ll find Rick Warren showing up in quite a few other places of late as his new book, The Daniel Plan (based on his Daniel Plan diet plan), hit the streets on December 3rd.

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Protestants Unite with Catholics on Baptism
Written by Mike Gendron on 03 November 2013.

In a monumental decision for ecumenical relations, the U.S. Roman Catholic church and a group of Protestant denominations have signed a document to formally recognize each other’s baptisms. Representatives from the Presbyterian Church, Christian Reformed Church in North America, Reformed Church in America and United Church of Christ met in Austin, Texas, to sign the agreement, which is called the “Common Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Baptism.” A Catholic bishop said the effort “is part of our response to Jesus’ prayer that ‘we all be one.”

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Embracing Contemplative Shows Ill Effects at Moody Bible Institute in Ecumenical “Road to Rome” Event

For over seven years now, Lighthouse Trails has followed Moody Bible Institute’s continued promotion of contemplative spirituality. Although the organization has denied that they are promoting contemplative, the evidence has consistently existed. Those who have a good understanding of contemplative spirituality are aware of the inevitable outcome for followers of contemplative. This outcome is a change in spiritual attitude that leads to the following – ecumenism (a joining together of all religious traditions, in particularly Catholicism first, then Islam), interspirituality (all paths lead to God), panentheism (God is in all), and eventually universalism (all are saved, regardless of belief – thus no need for the Cross).

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Texas Wesleyan University Offers Prayer Room for Muslim Students

FORT WORTH, TX – Controversy is stirring over a recent news report surrounding a special prayer room at Texas Wesleyan University that was established at the request of a Muslim student group.

The Rambler, the student publication for the university, published an article on November 19th about the prayer room, explaining its purpose, the story behind its inception and its uses.

“The reasons for this (prayer room) are twofold,” Chaplain Dr. Robert K. Flowers told the publication. “One, to show hospitality to our foreign students and, two, our campus needs to be open and tolerant of other faith traditions whether it is Islam, Hindu, Jewish, or otherwise.”

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